La Coruña

fertility treatment in La coruna Spain

La Coruña is a large city in the region of Coruña in Northern Spain. It is a city surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and is a busy and important commercial port for the region.  The port has been a departure point for many centuries and the city has a rich culture because of it. The city has beaches as well as culture to offer tourists. It is a modern bustling city with lots on offer and its pretty squares deserve a stroll. The main airport is connected by direct flights to many cities in Europe including London and is therefore accessible to many who seek fertility treatment in this area.

Shopping and Culture

The city boasts the largest shopping, commercial and leisure complex in the whole of Spain. Marineda City has 230 retail units, a cinema and much more and is within a few minutes of the centre. The region was the birth place of the well-known international brand Zara but there are plenty of smaller brands and shops which might catch your eye in the city too. Culturally, The Tower of Hercules is worth a peek. It is a Roman lighthouse from the 2nd Century and whilst there are a lot of steps to the top, it is worth it for the view.

La Coruña Weather

La Coruna has a mild climate with the average annual temperature about 14 degrees. The summer months are warmer but in the low twenties. Compared to their Southern cousins, this temperature would be considered quite pleasant. Nice enough to sit out on the beach, but not too intense.

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By Aleksander Wiecki