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Cayman Fertility Centre is located in High Rock Landing, which is in the east of Grand Cayman. Grand Cayman makes up one of the three Cayman islands and is in the northern Caribbean region, which is surrounded by the calm Caribbean Sea. Cayman Fertility Centre is opening in 2019 as a sister clinic to Barbados Fertility Centre.

The state of the art building includes a laboratory, operating theatre, recovery suite, scan rooms and consulting rooms.

The Medical Director is Dr. Joe Davis. He was born in Virginia and trained and practiced as a Reproductive Endocrinologist in New York City and also the Midwest. He left New York to start Cayman Fertility Centre in order to offer patients the same high-quality fertility care that they would receive in the United States, but in a peaceful and tranquil Caribbean setting. As a promoter of holistic medicine, he incorporates acupuncture, nutrition and wellness into high tech fertility care.  Dawn Davidson is an IVF Nurse Specialist who is from the Philadelphia area in the United States. Her area of Speciality is Women’s Health. While working the Antepartum unit, she became interested in the Infertility/IVF process. Dawn started working IVF in 1993. Most recently, she has worked at Abington Reproductive Medicine and Penn Fertility Care. She has performed daily clinical operations ranging from drawing blood, sperm preparation, intra uterine insemination and assisting with egg retrieval and embryo transfer. The senior embryologist, Katerina Arvaniti is ESHRE accredited and was previously Lab Director at a large IVF centre in Athens. She has 25 years of experience.

All the staff speak English as this is their official language but they have staff who can translate for other nationalities.

The clinic is applying for JCI accreditation which is the Gold standard for clinic approval in the USA.  All US clinics strive to attain this standard of accreditation and involve inspections and strict compliance.

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Cayman Fertility Centre Treatments

  • Egg donation
  • Embryo donation
  • Donor sperm
  • Assisted Hatching
  • Egg and sperm freezing
  • Embryo freezing

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Success Rates

Since this clinic is brand new in 2019 it has not recorded any success rates yet but it has the same embryology team who have a 67% success rate in the sister Barbados clinic.

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Cost of Treatments

The advertised cost of egg donation treatment is 7250 USD.  The advertised price of IVF with own eggs is 6750 USD. This price does not include ICSI, medication, sperm freezing, blood tests or extended culture to blastocyst.

It does include:

  • The first consultation which is 45-minute phone call with a doctor
  • Embryo freezing including storage for 1 year,
  • Ultrasounds, theatre charges, anaesthetic charges, doctors’ fees and one day in clinic lasting up to 4 hours.

The clinic offers both known donation and anonymous donation.  The clinic specialises in running their own in-house donor egg programme. The majority of the local population i.e. 97% is of Afro Caribbean descent, so couples from the UK or USA who need a black donor are able to find a suitable match with no waiting time.

The clinic offers egg sharing.

See our IVF Cost Calculator to understand the costs involved in treatments.

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From the staff

cayman fertility centre team

Cayman Fertility Centre is a sister clinic to Barbados Fertility Centre, and offers the same exceptional service! This full service IVF clinic is located in the northern region of the Caribbean to better service our patients in that area and has many daily direct flights from the USA. Grand Cayman has a strong background in tourism and offers a relaxing environment to be at your optimum of relaxation during your IVF treatment with us.

Clinic Location

The Cayman Islands have daily flights from London in the UK. Patients from the USA can fly directly from many US airports.  Since the Cayman Islands is a commonwealth country no visas are required for travellers from other commonwealth countries.

By Aleksander Wiecki

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