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Package cost

IVF €4300

Egg donation €6300

CERAM (Clinic for Assisted Reproduction in Marbella) is located in the centre of Marbella in Spain. It was established in 1993 and is a private clinic.

In 2016, CERAM undertook about 300 treatment cycles of which around 55% were egg donation cycles.

The clinic is located within a new hospital but has its own dedicated area. There are two IVF laboratories, one theatre dedicated for fertility treatments and 4 single en-suite recovery rooms for fertility patients. Although the hospital treats all specialities, its focus is on fertility and maternity, offering services such as water-births, ante-natal education and a post-natal & midwifery clinic.

The Medical Director is Dr. Hugo Benito Martinez who has been a specialist in gynaecology and reproductive medicine since 1983. He is a member of the Spanish Gynaecology and Obstetrics Society (SEGO), Spanish Fertility Society (SEF), Spanish Andrology Society, Spanish Association of Reproduction Biologists (ASEBIR) and ESHRE. There are three doctors in total and four embryologists. The senior embryologist has 16 years’ experience and is ESHRE accredited.

There is a dedicated International Team to meet the needs of overseas patients.  There is a 24 hour service available for patients going through treatment. They speak fluent English, Italian, French, German and Russian.

CERAM IVF entrance

CERAM IVF Clinic Entrance


CERAM Treatments

Egg donation
Embryo donation
Donor sperm
Assisted Hatching
Embryo freezing
Egg and sperm freezing





Cost of Treatments

The advertised price of egg donation starts from 6300 Euros but a specific cost will be reached once the doctor reviews the patient. This package includes donor matching and selection, donor medication and cycle monitoring, donor compensation, ICSI, culture to the blastocyst stage and embryo transfer.

There is no egg sharing at CERAM.

The cost of the first consultation is 150 Euros and is not deductible if treatment commences. This consultation includes an ultrasound and a transfer test. Embryo freezing and sperm freezing are extra and cost 410 euros each which includes 1 years storage.

The advertised price of IVF treatment using own eggs is 4300 Euros. This includes:

  • Consultations and preparation of the patient
  • Cycle preparation and coordination
  • Sperm preparation
  • Egg collection under light sedation
  • Ultrasounds & Oestradiol
  • ICSI
  • Blastocyst transfer

Our IVF Cost Calculator can help with understanding costs.


ceram recovery room

CERAM Recovery Room


CERAM Success Rates 2016

Success rates are good for both egg donation and IVF using own eggs.

  • The clinical pregnancy rate for egg donation was 60.5%
  • For IVF using own eggs, the overall clinical pregnancy rate was 56.2%
  • The frozen clinical pregnancy rate was 55.4%
  • The clinical pregnancy rate for embryo donation was 54%

CERAM submits their results to the Spanish Fertility Society SEF.

The stage of embryo transfer depends on the patient – but it is mostly day 5 blastocyst embryos which are transferred.

In 2016, an average of 2 embryos was transferred and the multiple birth rate was 7%.


Who Attends?

Of the people who attend CERAM, 35% are Spanish, 48% are from the UK, 10% Italian and 7% from elsewhere.


From the staff

CERAM IVF Spain staff

Ceram is a well stablished clinic in Marbella since 1993. Helping couples from around the world with personalised treatments has made the clinic a worldwide reference for doctors and patients. Dr. Hugo Benito, medical director and main gynaecologist, is one of the first doctors specialised in assisted reproduction fertility treatments. Dr. Benito was part of the team of the first baby born in Colombia from fertility treatment back in 1983. Since then he has achieved many awards and certificates recognizing his career.

The clinic has a dedicated international team to meet the needs of overseas patients, speaking fluent English, Italian, Russian, French and German.


Clinic Location

CERAM is located in the centre of Marbella in Spain.  It has sea and mountain views.

Marbella is about 60km from Malaga Airport and taxis or hire cars are available from the airport.


By Aleksander Wiecki


Dear Ceram,

how can we ever thank you for the amazing miracles you have conjured in our lives? Every day is a perfect day thanks to you all, even the days when Matilda has kept us up all night with a cold, or wakes us at four in the morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed, with the words “It’s wakey wakey time!"! I cannot imagine our lives without our daughter, and yet that is what we were facing when we first came to see you. Our experiences at fertility clinics in London had been a disaster on many levels - from the way we were condemned for being so old (as if we had a choice) to the way I was treated like I was some sort of inanimate factory object, to the failures to get us pregnant. And then we discovered Ceram and Doctor Benito. You treated us with respect and were so nurturing! I almost burst into the tears during the first meeting as it was such a relief to be listened to, and not dismissed, and have time to talk all our options through (we went with egg donation). Never once did we feel rushed or that anyone was looking at the clock (both the literal clock and my biological one!). Doctor Benito was so careful about when he harvested eggs, pushing the dates if he felt it would be beneficial (it was, he harvested 10!). And now, to top it all off, you have managed to get me pregnant again, at the age of 49. As I write this I can feel our new baby kicking about and doing somersaults - one of the best feelings in the world! Thank you, you are truly miracle workers.

An Ever Expanding E 0:)xx

Our fertility journey started in 2006. After 2 years of heartache, frustration and cancelled appointments with the NHs we decided to go for treatment abroad. We found out that my husband had azoospermia and myself a genetic disorder so we knew we needed to go down the donor route.
We quickly found Ceram and we were impressed with their statistics. We were also impressed with the initial contact we had via emails. We travelled to Ceram in Nov 2008 for our initial consultation. We were greeted by the Ceram team, including Dr Benito. We had the consultation with Fiona who explained things clearly and answered our questions. We finally felt like we were being treated as a couple with a dream and not names on a system.
We left feeling positive and confident that we were in safe hands with Ceram.
We returned for a frozen embryo transfer in May 2009 and again in Oct 2010. Sadly these resulted in a negative outcome for us. Yes we were heart broken but we were determined to return as soon as we felt ready. We remained confident that Ceram did all they could for us.
In May 2011 we returned again for FET full of hope. This time all went perfectly and we received the result we had waited a long time for.......a positive pregnancy test. After an extremely worrying and anxious 9 months our beautiful daughter was born in Jan 2012. We soon realised we wanted further children. We went back to Marbella in May 2013 for FET. It was a wonderful experience introducing our daughter to Dr Benito and the Ceram team. Sadly we had another negative but returned very quickly 2 months later.
In April 2014 we will be welcoming twins in to our family. Although our journey with Ceram is over they will remain in our hearts forever. We made a wish when we went to Ceram and they granted us 3 in return. One day we will go back taking our 3 children with us to show them where our jouney began and ended. We will be forever indebted to Dr Benito, the rest of the team, and our donors for helping us on our difficult journey and giving us our happily ever after.
Thank you Ceram from the bottom of our hearts.