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Package cost

IVF €4905

Egg donation €7320

Basic information about treatment restrictions at the Clinic.

Maximum age of the woman: 49
Single woman: allowed
Lesbian couples: allowed
HIV positive patients: allowed (women allowed only in case of doing egg donation cycle)
HCV/HBV positive patients: allowed


CREA (IVF Valencia) is a private fertility clinic established in 1993 that has been a pioneer in reproductive medicine for over 20 years. The clinic was completely renovated in 2010 and it features three advanced technology laboratories (IVF lab, andrology lab and general analyses lab), two operating theatres and five single en-suite rooms for patients. The clinic employs seven fertility doctors and six embryologists with 10-year’s experience of which three embryologists are accredited by ESHRE. Altogether, the clinic works with more than 40 professionals, many of them with 25 years of experience in the field. CREA’s medical staff is a close-knit and passionate team.

In 2018 the clinic’s doctors performed 1,217 treatment cycles, of which 25.2% were egg donation cycles and 74.8% were IVF with own eggs cycles. It is easy to see that the clinic is very effective when it comes to treating patients with their own genetic material. It is great news for patients who have not decided to pursue the egg donation journey yet.

CREA (IVF Valencia) holds ISO 9001:2018 accreditation (ISO 9001 since 2004 for the laboratories) and UNE 179007. The latter is a quality standard developed by AENOR and ASEBIR to promote and improve quality and safety in assisted reproduction laboratories. Only 10% of Spanish IVF clinics have this certification. The clinic also belongs to multiple international fertility organizations and medical associations, like ESHRE or ASRM.

Directors of CREA IVF Valencia

Clinic Directors: Dr. Miguel Ruiz Jorro and Dr. Carmen Calatayud

Medical Director

Dr. Mónica Muñoz García is a Medical Director of CREA. She graduated from the University of Valencia with a degree in Medicine in 2001. She is a specialist in assisted reproduction techniques and repeated implantation failure investigation. In 2004 she obtained postgraduate Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology by the University of Valencia. She started working at CREA in 2007. She has advanced training in colposcopy, hysteroscopy and laparoscopy. She has given various conferences at national and international congresses. She is a member of the following scientific societies: the Spanish Fertility Society, the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), the Spanish Society of Obstetrics & Gynaecology (SEGO).

CREA international department

Coordinators from CREA International Department

For patients who travel from abroad CREA has tailor-made international department set up specially to take care of patients coming from overseas. The clinic’s staff (International Department, doctors and embryologists) speak fluent English so communication with patients is straightforward and effortless.

CREA (IVF Valencia) Treatments

Patients can choose between a variety of treatments either with own genetic material or with donor egg/sperm and purchase additional procedures like Assisted Hatching or PGD/PGS nowadays known as  PGT-A and PGT-M. The offer includes:

  • Donor eggs/donor sperm
  • Embryo donation
  • Geri® Time Lapse Incubator
  • Assisted Hatching
  • Egg/sperm freezing
  • MACS,
  • Own Double Strand Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test,
  • TESE,
  • Micro-TESE.

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The video above shows embryo development at CREA laboratory. Embryos are cultured in the most technologically advanced Geri® Time Lapse incubator.

Fertility doctors from CREA

Success rates at CREA in 2018

The clinic’s motto “Our results are consistent and reliable” is reflected in the success rates outlined below. The egg donation clinical rate in 2018 was 78.3% and IVF clinical rate overall was 67.2%. The IVF clinical pregnancy rate is as follows:

  • women under 35 years of age – 71.4%
  • women aged 35-40 – 68.2%
  • women over 40 years of age – 64.7%.

If you are interested in frozen embryo transfer at CREA clinic, the frozen embryo clinical pregnancy rate is 57.9%. The success rate for embryo donation clinical pregnancy is 52.3%. The clinic’s doctors recommend embryo transfer at the blastocyst stage. In order to avoid complications they usually transfer only a single embryo, so the average number of embryos transferred is 1.34%. That is why the multiple birth rate at the clinic is low and it is 11.9%.

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Cost of treatment 2019

Egg Donation Program

An egg donation program at CREA will cost you EUR7,320 and it includes ICSI and blastocyst culture of embryos. If you choose to purchase Welcome Pack at the price of EUR110, you will receive a consultation, 1-night hotel accommodation and airport pick-up in the package. If your partner chooses to freeze his genetic material, the cost of sperm freezing is EUR180. In egg donation program you receive Time-Lapse incubation for free when selecting TGP-A treatment. Geri® time-lapse incubator is currently at a special price of EUR300 (instead of EUR500). Embryos are incubated in GERI Time-Lapse incubator without any extra cost for patients when they perform PGT-a, as long as there is space available at that moment in the GERI incubator.

IVF Program

The cost of IVF program at CREA is EUR4,905. This program includes sedation, ICSI, operating theatre and blastocyst embryo culture. Embryos are incubated in GERI Time-Lapse incubator without any extra cost for patients when they perform PGT-a, as long as there is space available at that moment in the GERI incubator.

For patients wishing to have their eggs or embryos vitrified to be used at a later date, the cost is EUR1,000 (including current year storage fee and following year storage fee). The cost of frozen embryo transfer is EUR1,640. The cost of embryos vitrification is EUR1,000 but the cost of egg freezing is EUR385. The decision to freeze the embryos coming from your IVF or egg donation cycle belongs to the doctor and it is based on the embryos’ quality.

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CREA embryologists

Embryologists from CREA

From the staff

CREA is a leading clinic with more than 25 years of experience and specializes in male factor. This distinguishes us from other centers and allows us to offer better results in take-home baby rates. We are pioneers in egg donation and genetic diagnosis as well as a reference in quality of patient care and personalized treatment. At CREA we think for patients and about patients, because we make wishes come true – we make life. Visit our clinic and make yoru dream happen!

Who Attends?

CREA fertility clinic is visited by both local and foreign patients. 60% of people treated at the clinic are Spanish, 20% are Italian, 10% come from the UK, 10% come from France.

Clinic Location

CREA clinic is located in Valencia city centre, between the town hall and the cathedral in the historic zone of the city. There are plenty of shops in the vicinity. The airport is located approximately 12 km from the clinic. It takes 25 minutes by taxi, car or metro to get from the airport metro station to the clinic. CREA offers airport pick-up service which is included in the Welcome Pack for 1st consultation.

By Dorothy Walas

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Clinic logo Trusted clinic

CREA Valencia has created the perfect balance. It is a super high tech fertility clinic with a lovely relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I was in amazing hands, being looked after by the international liaisons who were so kind, supportive and incredibly informative. Their English is faultless and they were always very prompt in replying to emails. The doctors at Crea are honest, realistic and above all, refreshingly human! I had a wonderful experience at CREA Valencia not least because it resulted in the birth of my beautiful daughter. Huge thanks to Francesca, Dr. Monica and my smiley, yoga-loving embryologist.

Patient 1

Dear couples, if you are reading this letter you must be having to consider the difficult decision about going abroad to CREA for treatment. When we were faced with this prospect we wished we could have talked to couples who had already been there for treatment as we had so many questions… so this is why we are writing in the hope that we can at least try to help people find some answers and maybe a Little reassurance along the way.
To give you a little background, we had lots of tries at starting a family including using ICSI at our UK clinic but all had failed as my eggs were too poor, so we were told our chances would greatly improve if we used a donor and were given CREA as an option. There were no waiting lists at CREA, it had good links with the UK clinic plus the egg donation was anonymous so we were drawn to this option but decided that we’d like to go out first to meet some of the people that might be involved in our treatment and see the clinic for ourselves. Valencia was easy to travel to from the UK and the city is within a 15-20 minute taxi ride from the airport. The clinic recommended some local hotels, which offered reduced rates for patients of CREA, both hotels we stayed in during our visits were ideally located less than 2 minutes walk to the clinic. CREA is located in a quiet location in an older part of Valencia. The clinic itself was light, airy mand modern and both Francesca and Joelle from the International Department spoke excellent English and provided support as well as acted as translator during our visits, though I should point that all members of staff that we encountered at CREA spoke English and translation was only required on the more technical aspects of our treatments. From our initial visit meeting Francesca to our encounters with all the staff at CREA (Doctors, Nurses, Embryologists and the receptionists) we always felt comfortable with the Clinic, this was very important to us and was a key reason why we chose CREA. At CREA the facilities were excellent from the scanning rooms with scanners linked to flat screen TV son the walls so it was easy to see things when they were discussing internal scans to the individual recovery romos (with en-suite facilities) which made things much more pleasant and allowed time to rest pre and after transfers. Another excellent feature of CREA is the dedicated International Department, all queries or communication with the clinic were answered in a timely manner (usually the same day or by first thing the following morning) which at stressful times is very important, we were aware of other couples having treatment at other clinics in Spain who had to wait many days for responses and often had to chase their clinic up, we did not experience this with CREA. Finally, we felt that although clinics have to make money from patients CREA didn’t feel like that and when our first two treatments failed, rather than offer us more they sat down with us to discuss further tests which provided absolutely the right thing to do showing up a range of other undetected issues. Their technology was more advanced than what we had experienced in the UK, and it so happened the procedures we had to have on the sperm were pionereed by the clinics director years beforehand. We hope this has helped to give you a little insight into what you migh expect. We are of course slightly biased as this story had a doubly happy ending in that on our third try we got pregnant with twins and we are now parents to a little boy and girl.

M. and D., the UK