Fertility clinics in Cyprus

Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean Sea with a population of just under 1 million. It’s capital is Nicosia and the languages spoken are Greek and Turkish. The island is partitioned in two with the North under Turkish control. The island is a major tourist destination. The currency in the North is the Turkish Lira. The currency in the South is the Euro.

Take a look at our featured IVF clinics in Cyprus.

Dunya IVF Clinic

Kyrenia, Cyprus

Dunya IVF clinic is located in the city of Kyrenia on the northern coast of Cyprus. It was opened in 2008 and treats private patients.... read more

Cyprus IVF Hospital

Famagusta, Cyprus

Cyprus IVF Hospital is located in the city centre of Famagusta, North Cyprus and is a part of the largest private hospital in the Turkish... read more