Fertility clinics in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has a population of about 10.5 million people. It borders Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria. It is a member of the European Union. The capital is Prague which has a population of around 1.2 million. The currency is the Czech Koruna.

Take a look at our featured IVF clinics in the Czech Republic.

Reprofit International


Reprofit International is located in Brno in the Czech Republic. It has a city centre presence and therefore is easily accessible by public transport. It was... read more

UNICA Clinic – Prague


UNICA clinic was established in 1991. They were the first European private clinic associated with North-American University assisted reproduction department, the McGill University, since 2014.... read more

Gynem IVF


Gynem IVF clinic is located in Prague in the Czech Republic. It is a private facility which opened in September 2013. The building is brand new... read more

FertilityPort Prague


FertilityPort Prague was established in 2018 and in 2018 they already performed 250 treatment cycles, of which 65% were egg donation cycles and 35% IVF... read more



IVF CUBE was opened in 2011 and is located in Prague. It is a private facility. The clinic was designed and built to satisfy guidelines laid... read more