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IVF €3500

Egg donation €6000

Embryoland IVF Center is located in Athens in Greece. It was opened in 2006 and treats private patients. The total number of treatment cycles undertaken in 2017 was 500 and 62% of these were egg donation cycles and 38% IVF.

Embryoland IVF clinic is located in its own building and has a modern style as you can see from the photographs. There are three laboratories and one theatre. There are single recovery rooms, some en-suite. The medical director is Dr Nikos Kanakas. He completed his specialist training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in 1990 and then specialised in Reproductive Medicine in 1991. He speaks fluent English and German. There are three other doctors and three embryologists who are ESHRE accredited. The senior embryologists have more than 10 years’ experience. All the staff speak English, and some also speak German.

Embryoland has EN 15224: 2012 (Certification of quality management systems of health care).

Embryoland IVF Greece waiting room

Embryoland waiting room

Embryoland Treatments

  • Egg donation
  • Donor sperm
  • Embryo donation
  • Assisted Hatching
  • Embryo freezing
  • Sperm/Egg freezing

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Embryoland IVF Athen LAB

Embryoland laboratory


IVF Treatment Prices Embryoland IVF Center

The advertised price of donor egg treatment is 6000 Euros. Included in this price is:

  • donor stimulation
  • egg retrieval
  • ICSI
  • culture to blastocyst
  • embryo transfer

It doesn’t include medication which costs around 900 Euros. The cost of embryo freezing by vitrification is 500 Euros.  Sperm analysis and freezing is free. The first consultation is free. There is no option to egg share at Embryoland.

Since Greece only allows anonymous donation, patients can find out only some donor characteristics such as age, physical appearance, blood test results, occupation, hobbies etc.

IVF/ICSI treatment using own eggs is advertised as costing 3500 Euros.  Included in this cost is:

  • initial consultation
  • ovarian monitoring
  • sedation
  • egg retrieval
  • ICSI
  • embryo culture
  • embryo transfer

It does not include medication and the freezing of any surplus embryos.

Use our IVF Cost Calculator to help understand what costs are involved in fertility treatment abroad.

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embryoland reception greece

Embryoland IVF Clinic Success Rates 2017

For donor egg treatment, the clinical success rate given by the clinic is 65%.

The overall IVF clinical pregnancy rate (using own eggs) is 46%.

By age:

  • Under 35 years: 51%
  • 35-40 years: 38%
  • over 40 years: 15%

For embryo donation, the clinical pregnancy rate is 50%.

The overall frozen embryo clinical pregnancy rate (own eggs) is 50%.

In 2017, the average number of embryos transferred was 2. The multiple pregnancy rate was 20%.

The preferred day of the embryo transfer is day 5 (blastocyst stage).

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Who Attends?

The breakdown of nationalities who attend Embryoland are 30% Greek and European, 30% Australian, 30% from USA/Canada, 10% other.

From the staff

Embryoland IVF Greece staff

Embryoland IVF Center Athens, a center of excellence in Athens, Greece, dedicated to the needs of women and their partners living abroad. We offer highly reputable IVF and egg donation programs to international patients seeking to have their fertility treatment in Greece.

Embryoland is one of the most advanced fertility clinics in Europe, hosting a team of top specialists in fertility treatments.

We work with patients from all over the world including Europe, Australia, United States and Asia. Our team is dedicated to making every step of the patient’s medical treatment as comfortable and stress-free as possible, including accompaniment throughout the process with a staff member fluent in the patient’s language.


Clinic Location

The clinic is located in the centre of Athens. It is about 30 minutes from the airport by subway and taxi. Due to its location, there are many hotels within walking distance.

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By Aleksander Wiecki

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"God was thinking of us when we came across your name and clinic"
If only we had been introduced to Dr Nikos and his team a few years earlier. We would not have even tried treatment in Melbourne.

After our 8th failed attempt in Melbourne and many, many, many wasted dollars later as you could well imagine, we had all but given up hope, then we met Dr Nikos and first try in Athens presto, pregnant!

What a wonderful man and Dr. He has a great support team as well. Dr Nikos even put up with our million questions and emails. You have nothing to lose. See Dr Nikos and you will feel like a person not a number. You will be impressed by the professional care and well as human empathy and encouragement.

Word of advice, go for your treatment and stay for a couple of weeks holiday to avoid the stress of the 2 week wait. You might just get a wonderful surprise when you do your blood test back home afterwards..

Thanks Dr Nikos and team. God was thinking of us when we came across your name and clinic...

A.M. Melbourne, Australia, 23.03.2018

"Best team on earth!"
We were extremely happy with our experience at Embryoland. Dr. Nikos is highly experienced extremely helpful professional and moreover, wonderful person, now I'm pregnant with beautiful babies.
If you have any gynecological problems and want to be parents without wasting your money and precious time I strongly recommended to visit Embryoland with highly experience, professional and motivated team.

Monica 26.12.2017, Canada