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Ferona IVF clinic is located in Novi Sad which is in Serbia. It was opened in 2015 and is a private fertility clinic. In 2017, the total number of fertility treatment cycles undertaken was 1415.  Serbian IVF laws mean that egg, sperm and embryo donation are not permitted. So all cycles are for IVF using own eggs and sperm. Ferona Hospital welcomes international patients and through its fertility tourism partner link4med.com is able to assist patients with travel, accommodation, translations and much more. This is of great benefit to patients who do not want the stress of arranging everything associated with travelling abroad for fertility treatment.

The fertility clinic is modern and is located in its own building. There is one laboratory, one theatre and 5 recovery rooms accommodating 2 persons in each. You can watch a virtual tour here.  The hospital is the only medical institution in the country which has laboratories fulfilling international and EU standards for clean air – so-called Clean Rooms (99% sterilization of air).

The Medical Director is Vesna Kopitovic MD PhD who has over 20 years of experience. She became Director of Ferona on 1st of February 2017. Before that she was employed for 26 years as Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Medical Faculty, University of Novi Sad. She is a member of ESHRE. There are eight gynaecologists and five embryologists. The senior embryologist has 15 years of experience and is ESHRE accredited. English is spoken by the doctors and the international department (link4med) can help with all translations.


Ferona IVF recovery room

Ferona Hospital IVF Treatments

Assisted Hatching
Egg and sperm freezing
Embryo freezing
Gynaecological operations: hysteroscopy, laparotomy
Diagnostics: laparoscopy, examination of tubal patency, ovulation


Ferona IVF laboratory

Ferona Laboratory

Success Rates 2017

The success rates are good for IVF treatment using own eggs. The clinical pregnancy rate is:

Less than 35 years:  67%
35-37 years :             57%
38-40 years:             37%
41-44 years:              10%

204 children born from 1.415 cycles.

The clinic works individually with every patient so the day of transfer can be day 3 or blastocyst. An average of two embryos transferred each time. No data is available on multiple pregnancy rate.


Ferona Recovery Room

Recovery room


Fertility Treatment Costs

The advertised price of IVF treatment is low at 2000 Euros. Included in this price is egg collection under anaesthesia, ICSI, embryo cultivation to blastocyst if advised and embryo transfer. The cost of the first consultation is 60 Euros including an ultrasound examination.  Freezing of any embryos from the treatment is free for the first year and then costs 210 Euros per year. Sperm freezing costs 80 Euros.

IVF treatment in the situation when, unfortunately, no eggs are fertilised – treatment without embryo transfer – the price is reduced from 2000 Euros to 1000 Euros + medicines.

See our IVF Cost Calculator to help understand costs involved in treatments.


Who attends?

Of the people who currently attend the fertility clinic, the majority are from Serbia. The clinic wishes to attract more international patients.

From the staff

Ferona IVF staff

Ferona is a well-established infertility clinic in Novi Sad, Serbia offering the most advanced techniques in IVF and the treatment of infertility, including IUI, ICSI, TESE, cryopreservation and CET, PGS and laser assisted hatching, from a highly experienced team led by Vesna Kopitovic MD PhD. Led by infertility expert Vesna Kopitovic PhD, the Ferona team comprises highly trained clinicians and embryologists who have been educated and employed in leading clinics and research institutes in the field of reproductive medicine and IVF worldwide. Actively involved in clinical and scientific research and the dissemination of knowledge, the clinic works with a broad network of partners in Serbia and abroad and has direct strategic partnership with other leading IVF centres.


Clinic Location

The clinic is located 5KM from the centre of Novi Sad. Belgrade is an hour’s drive away and where all international flights arrive. Link4med will help with arranging pickup and travel. They also can help arrange accommodation and help with planning your free time in Novi Sad.


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