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Package cost

IVF €2100

Egg donation €3800

Fertimed Infertility Center is located in Olomouc in the Czech Republic. Fertimed was opened in 1992 and is a private facility. It was where the first ICSI baby in the Czech Republic was conceived. The clinic has an active research program with over 100 publications.

In 2015 Fertimed undertook 450 treatment cycles of which about 18% were egg donation cycles and the great majority were IVF cycles using own eggs.

Dr. Ales Sobek, PhD is the founder and medical director of Fertimed and has over 30 years experience in gynaecology and infertility.  He runs an active research program and in 2015 he published the results of his research on monozygotic twins in the reputable journal “Fertility Sterility”. There are seven doctors in total and four embryologists. The senior embryologist has 13 years of experience and is ESHRE accredited. English and German is spoken in the clinic.

Fertimed has ISO accreditation ISO 9001:2009 and ISO 15189: 2007

Fertimed Recovery Room

Fertimed Recovery Room


Fertimed Treatments

Egg donation
Donor sperm
Embryo donation
Assisted Hatching
Embryo freezing

Sperm/Egg freezing

Embryo monitoring

Embryo Glue

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Cost of Treatments

Fertimed Theatre

Fertimed Theatre

The clinic offers two very low prices for egg donation. There is a shared donor program which is advertised as costing 2100 Euros and a non-shared program which is advertised as costing 3800 Euros. Sperm freezing, donor stimulation, ICSI, assisted hatching and extended culture to blastocyst-stage embryos are all included.

Embryo freezing is not included in this price nor is the First Consultation which costs 200 Euros. Embryo monitoring costs 150 Euros a day. PICSI costs 300 Euros.

Egg donors undergo a series of tests before being accepted and can only donate three times at this clinic. Information relating to hair colour, eye colour, education, height and blood group is available to recipients.

The cost of IVF treatment using own eggs is advertised as 2100 Euros. This includes sedation, egg collection, ICSI, assisted hatching and extended culture to blastocyst-stage transfer. The First Consultation is not included nor is embryo freezing. Use our IVF Cost Calculator to help work out costs.

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Fertimed Success Rates 2015

For egg donation the success rate is good. The clinical pregnancy rate in 2015 was 46%. Currently, there is no waiting time for egg donation treatment.

For IVF treatment using own eggs in 2015, the clinical overall success rate was 41%.

The multiple birth rate in 2015 was very low at 3%. The clinic will transfer embryos on day 3, day 4 or day 5 depending on embryo number and quality.

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Who Attends?

Around 5% of the people attending Fertimed are from the UK, 5% are German and the rest are from the Czech Republic.


Clinic Location

Fertimed is about 5 minutes walk from the historical city centre of Olomouc.  Olomouc is a 2.5 hour drive from Prague or an hours drive from Brno. Budget airlines fly to Prague and Brno and the clinic offers an airport shuttle for convenience. Accommodation can also be arranged. A second Fertimed clinic is located in Ostrava, Czech Republic where some budget airlines fly directly.

By Aleksander Wiecki

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I've been through an infertility journey for more than 5 years and finally we are pregnant. My care has been in the best hands and we have so much gratitude for Dr.Sobek and his staff . They did a great job of keeping me calm during the whole procedure and assured that everything would be fine. The attention to details, personalized care, and heartfelt dedication truly makes them the top facility for your treatment.


Excellent service, great personalised attention and a program tailored to our own unique needs. They were very receptive to all issues and concerns and were extremely professional and knowledgeable about all aspects of the process. We ended up with lovely daughter on our first round of IVF and we would definitely go with them next time.