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Package cost

IVF €4900

Egg donation €6800

Fertty International is a fertility clinic located in central Barcelona in Spain. It is a brand new IVF clinic opened in 2018 and treats international patients only. The clinic occupies 2000 square meters on the ground floor of the building it is located in. High ceilings, ensuite recovery rooms (four) which look like hotel rooms, and Catalan design architecture creates a very professional environment that does not look like a conventional clinic. There are three laboratories- IVF, andrology and cryo – and one theatre.

The medical director is Dr Maria Arqué González. She has worked in one of the main reproductive clinics in Barcelona (Institut Marquès) and became the director of the Egg Donation program. She worked in Ireland for two years, at Sims IVF and Rotunda IVF, both belonging to the group Virtus Health, an international reference fertility group. She got involved with the National Fertility Preservation Program for Oncology patients and also regularly gave infertility lectures at the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland to undergraduate medical students. She is currently completing her PhD about the impact lifestyle has on the outcome of IVF and ICSI treatment. There are three other doctors in the clinic and three embryologists. The senior embryologist has 16 years of experienced and is ESHRE accredited.

All the staff speak at least English fluently, whilst there is a patient assistance service in English, French, Italian and Russian.

The clinic is currently applying for ISO 9001 accreditation.  It is accredited by the Health Department of the Generalitat of Catalunya.

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Fertty International Fertility Treatments

Egg donation
Donor sperm
Assisted Hatching
Embryo freezing
Sperm freezing
Fertility Preservation/Egg Freezing

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Fertty International Price List 2018

Egg Donation Costs

The advertised price of egg donation treatment is 6800 Euros. This is the price for doing the treatment on-site.  This includes donor expenses (medication, compensation, scans) / egg bank expenses, IVF procedure with ICSI and one embryo transfer. The first consultation is free. The cost of extended culture to blastocyst stage is included.

Embryo freezing costs 1100 Euros including 1 year of storage. Sperm freezing costs 180 Euros.

There is another price for egg donation treatment – Just for Transfer – which costs 6500 Euros.

The Just for Transfer program cost includes sperm shipment to Fertty International, donor expenses (medication, compensation, scans) / egg bank expenses, IVF procedure with ICSI and one embryo transfer. The patient only travels for the transfer.

In the on-site egg donation, the patients travel to Fertty International to perform the whole treatment. Scans are included, sperm shipment is not needed.

Both programs include the fertility evaluation and lab tests.

The egg donation programs guarantee at least 8 mature eggs. Other guarantees are available as well as exclusive donors. Please contact the clinic to find out more.

IVF Costs

IVF treatment costs 4900 Euros and includes first consultation, fertility evaluation, lab tests, scans, sedation, ICSI, extended culture and one embryo transfer.

Use out IVF Cost Calculator to help understand costs.

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Fertty International Success Rates 2018

Since the clinic is new there is no statistics for the last year, only the last 6 months.

Egg Donation clinical pregnancy rate is 59.4%.

IVF Clinical pregnancy rate overall is 56.4%.

The IVF clinical pregnancy rate for:

  • under 35 years is: 88.9%
  • 35-40 years is: 51.4%
  • over 40 years is: 45.5%

The frozen embryo clinical pregnancy rate is 63.64%.

The average number of embryos per transfer is 1.3. The multiple pregnancy rate so far this year is 4%.

The clinic prefers to transfer blastocyst embryos.

They submit their results to the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF) for verification.

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Who Attends?

Fertty International only treats international patients. Most of them are from UK and Ireland, but they treat also patients from Canada, USA, France, Portugal, Denmark, Italy, Sweden and Middle East.

From the staff

fertty international IVF spain staff

At Fertty International the patient experience is a fundamental concept. Honest and caring environment, cutting-edge technology and a dedicated team of professionals with extensive experience in international patient care come together in this modern, brand new clinic in the heart of Barcelona.

We encourage the constant communication between patients and our team. The same physician, biologist, and patient assistant guide each patient through every step of the way, providing support and information to ensure that the experience is positive and successful.

Clinic Location

The clinic is located in the heart of Barcelona with lots of direct flights from the UK, Ireland, Europe and the USA and Canada.  From the airport, the clinic can be accessed by regular bus (45 min) or AeroBus (35 min) by car or taxi (20 minutes), by train (25 min) or by subway (30 minutes). They also offer a private pick up for patients for 110 Euros (round trip).


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I had a first consultant related to IVF treatment. Really like that they offer free first consultant with a doctor. I am very happy with the service and the doctor gave us a lot of information that other IVF clinics have not given us. They seem to be interested to look deeper into our problem than the previous clinic. I also really like that they offer the first consultant for free as I think that is an important option when choosing the right clinic.

Margret, Rome

I have not yet confirmed I will go ahead with this clinic for IVF, but my initial consultation with the doctor was very helpful. She was knowledgeable, friendly and honest with me.

Raina, Canada