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Package cost

IVF €2390

Egg donation €6300

Basic information about treatment restrictions at GEST (Praga Medica).

Maximum age of the woman: 46
Single woman: not allowed
Lesbian couples: not allowed
HIV positive patients: not allowed
HCV/HBV positive patients: not allowed

GEST Reproductive Medicine & Gynecology Center was opened in 1998 and during this time over 8000 babies have been born. It is located in Prague.  GEST is a private facility that focuses mainly on IVF treatment and egg donation for patients who live abroad. In 2017 a total of 667 cycles took place which also includes frozen cycles.

GEST is part of the larger healthcare network, NEXTCLINICS, based in Germany spanning across Europe with facilities in Italy, Austria, Germany, Spain and Switzerland. Reproductive medicine is one of the areas in which they specialise. Couples are given individual, highly personal care with one doctor throughout the process. The clinic offers convenient services for couples travelling from abroad with the capacity to perform multiple exams in a single day, including Saturday until 7 pm. All enquires are handled by their partner Praga Medica, a medical tourism facilitator, who arranges all appointments, treatment procedures, translation and details related to travel.

The medical director of GEST is Dr. Monika Polakova who has 20 years of experience in obstetrics and infertility. There are three English speaking doctors available for foreign patients. GEST has two embryologists, both with over 10 years of experience.

Since 2003, GEST IVF has ISO accreditation ISO 9001:2008/CSN

GEST Czech Republic

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 GEST IVF scanning


Cost of IVF Treatments

Egg Donation Treatment,  EUR 6,300

**all inclusive, no hidden fees

  • All necessary examinations of both partners, and the donor including genetics
  • Donor selection
  • Donor preparation, stimulation and medication
  • Sperm analysis, freezing and storage up to 1 year
  • All ultrasounds
  • ICSI
  • Extended cultivation 3 to 5 days
  • Embryo transfer
  • Local representative to help during your entire stay


  • Minimum 3 quality embryos
  • Guarantee of subsequent FET
  • 3rd fresh cycle FREE of charge in the event previous attempts are unsuccessful

Other Egg Donation Options

Various other options available, custom-fit to your individual health needs including egg sharing. Packages range in price from 4300 Euros to 6300 Euros.

IVF Treatment,  EUR 2,390

**all inclusive, no hidden fees

  • Initial gynaecological examination
  • Fertilization of eggs by ICSI method
  • Hormonal profile tests: AMH, TSH, Prolactin
  • All ultrasound scans
  • Sperm analysis and sperm preparation for fertilisation
  • Anaesthesia and egg retrieval
  • Extended cultivation of embryos for up to 5 days
  • Shared risk: 500-1000 EUR refund, should there be no embryo transfer
  • Transfer to the clinic for the 1st appointment
  • Local representative to help during your entire stay

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Or use our IVF costs calculator to understand what costs are involved with IVF abroad.

Success Rates 2017

GEST Laboratory

GEST laboratory

Egg Donation

The clinical pregnancy rate was 57% for all age groups.

The average age of the recipient was 40.5 years. On average 1.8 embryos per embryo transfer.

The incidence of twins was 27%.


The clinical pregnancy rate for IVF in women under 35 years was 47%.

The overall clinical pregnancy rate for IVF was 36%.

47% of women were below 35 years of age. On average 1.4 embryos per embryo transfer.

The incidence of twins was 25%.

Embryo Donation

The clinical pregnancy rate was 42% for all age groups.

On average 2 embryos per embryo transfer.

The incidence of twins was 10 %.

Frozen Embryo Transfer

The frozen embryo clinical success rate was 33% in the age group below 35 years. On average 1.7 embryos per embryo transfer.

The incidence of twins was  6%.

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Who Attends?

Patients routinely travel from the UK, Ireland, Germany, the Nordics and as far away as the USA, Canada, Australia, India and China. The clinic has experience in serving patients from 104 countries to date.


From the staff

We have been specializing in infertility treatment for British, as well as other international patients, since 2010. Experienced PRAGA MEDICA agents inform and prepare patients for their treatment and stay in Prague, while GEST doctors and embryologists can fully concentrate on the actual treatment. Agents can also provide accommodation, transportation and can arrange complementary procedures, such as additional examinations, acupuncture or dentistry. Patients get all this assistance free of charge. They can feel confident knowing they have a qualified IVF specialists taking care of them plus a personal agent responsible for guiding them through every step of the way. This unique personal approach towards patients has resulted in hundreds of healthy children being conceived.

Clinic Location

It is about a 20-minute ride from the city centre by tram.

By Aleksander Wiecki

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Basic information about treatment restrictions at GEST (Praga Medica).

Maximum age of the woman: 46
Single woman: not allowed
Lesbian couples: not allowed
HIV positive patients: not allowed
HCV/HBV positive patients: not allowed

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Interview with Director of Praga Medica (GEST IVF)

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Successful IVF – Own eggs
My husband and I complete one round of IVF with Praga Medica, which I am pleased to say was successful. We are now very proud parents of a 9 day old gorgeous baby boy.

After 2 years of trying to conceive our second child we decided to seek the help of Praga Medica to see if we were suitable candidates for IVF. We attended numerous of appointments in the UK and doctors were unable to explain why I was unable to conceive. My daughter was conceived naturally and following her birth I never regained a normal cycle. (No ovulation). I felt that I was forever being fobbed off as told that if I conceived naturally once I would be able to again and to carrying on trying for another year.

From the first contact with Praga Medica (via Skype) I felt like an individual and treated according to my own personal problems. All of our questions were answered and I instantly trusted what I was being told. Communication after first initial contact was via e-mail and all responses were received within a day.

My husband and I travelled to Prague on two separated occasions to complete treatment. Once for 2 nights where we completed the initial checks and planned treatment. Then again a few months later for 10 nights where we completed egg retrieval/transfer. (Own eggs)

The professionalism and support from Praga Medica were second to none. We always saw the same people at the clinic and had face to face appointments with the doctors/consultants who completed the procedure. I always felt 100% at ease and informed of what was going on.

I would recommend Praga Medica to anyone looking to have IVF. The stress and worry of the procedure was reduced by the care and support of all staff and we can never thank them enough.

Prague is a fantastic city which has an amazing public transport network. It’s clean, safe and filled with history. We travelled to Prague during treatment with our then 3 year old daughter and there was plenty of activities and parks to keep her entertained. The whole experience felt like a holiday rather than a medical trip. I cannot wait to return!

Thank you Praga Medica you have completed our family.

Fri, 13 Apr 2018

Lauren Grace, UK