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GEST IVF clinic was opened in 1998 and is located in Prague.  GEST is a private facility and in 2016 undertook 700 cycles including frozen cycles. The majority of cycles (around 40%) are IVF cycles using a patient’s own eggs and around 25% are donor egg cycles.

GEST IVF clinic is sometimes referred to as Praga Medica. Praga Medica is a company which exclusively facilitates IVF treatment for patients from abroad who are attending GEST. This includes arranging appointments and helping with transportation while in Prague at no extra cost to the patient. All enquiries from abroad usually go through Praga Medica.

The medical director of GEST is Dr Monika Polakova who has 18 years of experience in obstetrics and infertility. There are three English speaking doctors available for foreign patients. GEST has two embryologists, both with over 10 years of experience. Praga Medica performs the role of international team and can provide translation if necessary.

Since 2003, GEST IVF has ISO accreditation ISO 9001:2008/CSN


GEST IVF Treatment room

Treatment Room


GEST Treatments

Egg donation
Donor sperm
Embryo donation
Assisted Hatching
Embryo freezing

Sperm/Egg freezing

Embryo monitoring

 GEST IVF scanning


Cost of Treatments

GEST IVF offers two options for egg donation – egg share called “Optimum” and non-egg share called “Maximum”. Egg share is advertised as costing 4250 Euros which includes extended culture to 3-5 days. They guarantee at least 2 good quality embryos for transfer. ICSI is not included nor is vitrification (embryo freezing).

Non-egg share is advertised as 5250 Euros and they guarantee at least 2 quality embryos for transfer. ICSI is included but vitrification (freezing) of embryos is not.

The Maximum option includes a shared risk option with the 3rd cycle free of charge should you not get pregnant.

IVF treatment starts at 2350 Euros and includes ICSI and extended culture but not vitrification of surplus embryos. Embryo monitoring costs 300 Euros.

Use our IVF Cost Calculator to understand the costs involved in travelling abroad for IVF treatment.


GEST Success Rates 2016

GEST Laboratory

GEST laboratory

Egg Donation

The clinical pregnancy rate was 55.8% for all age groups.

The average age of the recipient was 42 years. On average 1.7 embryos per embryo transfer.

The incidence of twins was 27.6 %.


The clinical pregnancy rate for IVF in women under 35 years was 47%.

The overall clinical pregnancy rate for IVF was 31%.

30% of women were below 35 years of age. On average 1.5 embryos per embryo transfer.

The incidence of twins was 19 %.

Embryo Donation

The clinical pregnancy rate was 41% for all age groups.

On average 1.8 embryos per embryo transfer.

The incidence of twins was 16 %.

Frozen Embryo Transfer

The frozen embryo clinical success rate was 30% in the age group below 35 years. On average 1.6 embryos per embryo transfer.

The incidence of twins was 8.7 %.


Who Attends?

In 2016 around 70% of the patients treated for IVF, egg donation or embryo donation were from the Czech Republic, 10% were from the UK and Ireland, and the rest were from other countries.


From the staff

We have been specializing in infertility treatment for British, as well as other international patients, since 2010. Experienced PRAGA MEDICA agents inform and prepare patients for their treatment and stay in Prague, while GEST doctors and embryologists can fully concentrate on the actual treatment. Agents can also provide accommodation, transportation and can arrange complementary procedures, such as additional examinations, acupuncture or dentistry. Patients get all this assistance free of charge. They can feel confident knowing they have a qualified IVF specialists taking care of them plus a personal agent responsible for guiding them through every step of the way. This unique personal approach towards patients has resulted in hundreds of healthy children being conceived.

Clinic Location

It is about a 20 minute ride from the city centre by tram.

Center map

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