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IVF €4235

Egg donation €6596

Ginemed is located in Seville in southern Spain. The fertility clinic is located a short walk from the city centre. It was opened in 1992 and is a private clinic. In 2015 it undertook 1141 treatment cycles of which 35% were egg donation cycles.  The clinic is located on the ground floor of a building and has six consultation rooms, one laboratory and two theatres. There are six single en-suite recovery rooms for patients after treatment.

The medical director is Dr Pascual Sánchez who has been working in the field of gynaecology and obstetrics since 1987 and holds a Masters in Senology and Mammary Pathology (a medical speciality that focuses on diagnosis and management of benign and malignant diseases of the breast).  He is a specialist in human reproduction and the co-founder of Ginemed.  He is also co-director of the University of Seville´s Masters in Human Reproduction.

There are 11 doctors in total and 7 embryologists. There are 4 senior embryologists; María Hebles Dúvison (who started working in field in 1998) and Beatriz Migueles Pastor (working in the field for 14 years) are the co-directors of the laboratory and senior embryologists.

There is an international department who speak English along with two doctors. However, the clinic also has staff fluent in French, Italian, Arabic, Chinese and Portuguese.

The clinic has ISO accreditation ISO 9001: 2008.

Ginemed Treatments

Egg donation
Embryo donation
Donor sperm
Assisted Hatching
Egg and sperm freezing
Embryo freezing
Primo Vision

Ginemed IVF laboratory in Spain

Success Rates 2015

For egg donation treatment, the clinical pregnancy rate is good and is 61.7%.

For IVF/ICSI treatment cycles, the overall clinical pregnancy rate is 47.9%

For frozen embryo transfer, the clinical pregnancy rate is 50.8%

They submit their results to the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF) for verification. The preferred day of transfer is Day 3 embryos. An average of 2 embryos was transferred in 2015.


Ginemed IVF consultation room

Consultation Room


Cost of Treatments

The advertised price of egg donation treatment is 6600 Euros. This includes all costs associated with the donor, the first consultation, ICSI and embryo transfer. Embryo freezing costs 425 Euros (including 4 months storage) and sperm freezing costs 120 Euros. The cost of extended culture to the blastocyst stage is 375 Euros and the cost of using Primo Vision is 250 Euros. There is no egg sharing option at this clinic.

The advertised price of IVF treatment is 4235 Euros. Sedation, ICSI and day 3 embryo transfer are all included.  Patient medication is not included nor is embryo freezing costs.

A frozen embryo transfer costs 14oo Euros.

See our IVF Cost Calculator to help understand costs involved in treatments. More information on egg donation in Spain is also available.


Who Attends?

Of the patients attending the clinic, 72% are Spanish and 28% are international (15% Italian, 8% French, 2% English-Speaking, 3% other).

Ginemed staff

From the staff

Despite the fact that Ginemed has grown from a small family-run clinic in Seville into an internationally respected clinic with centres in Valencia and Lisbon it has not lost its dedication to patient care, international patients often say that visiting the clinic is like being at home.  We not only strive to improve the lives of our patients but also the wider scientific community, with an active training programme and co-founding the University of Seville´s Masters in Assisted Reproduction.   Our laboratory is at the forefront of scientific advances having been the first in Spain to have a High Resolution Microscope and more recently developing new vitrification system.

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