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Package cost

IVF €3300

Egg donation €4900

Gyncentrum IVF Clinic is located in Katowice in Poland. It was opened in 2011 and accepts private patients only. In 2016 it undertook 1000 fertility cycles of which approximately 40% were egg donation and 50% were IVF cycles using own eggs. The clinic resides in a big building which also holds a pharmacy and other treatment centres offering plastic surgery and hair transplant procedures. The IVF clinic has four laboratories, one theatre and one en-suite recovery room.

The medical director is Dr Anna Bednarska Czerwińska M.D. PhD who has specialisms in gynaecology, obstetrics, infertility treatment and endocrinology. The team comprises of 40 qualified medical specialists in the field of gynaecology, endocrinology, urology, immunology, psychology, genetics and dietetics. There are four embryologists and the senior has over 20 years’ experience and is ESHRE accredited. There is an international team available for translations and many of the team speak English.

Gyncentrum Clinic has ISO accreditation ISO 9001:2008, ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and ISO 27001:2013. The clinic uses OCTAX Ferti Proof System which prevents mix ups of patient samples.

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Gyncentrum Clinic Treatments

Egg donation
Donor sperm
Embryo donation
Assisted Hatching
Embryo Monitoring – Primo Vision

Embryo freezing

Sperm/Egg freezing
Oosight Imaging System
ERA Test
Music in the incubator

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Cost of Treatments

The advertised price of egg donation treatment is competitive at 4900 Euros. Included in this price is:

  • Gynaecological visits with ultrasounds and blood type test
  • Recipient medication until embryo transfer
  • Donor’s stimulation and preparation
  • Female partner tests: HIV, Anti-HCV-Ab, VDRL, Toxoplasmosis, Rubella, Pap smear, high vaginal swab
  • Viral tests of the partner: HIV, HbsAg, Anti-HCV, VDRL
  • Preparation of semen for fertilisation
  • Sperm freezing until fertilisation
  • IMSI
  • Extended culture
  • Assisted hatching
  • Embryo transfer (ET/KET)
  • Freezing of all embryos and their storage for one year

The cost of the first consultation is 100 Euros but is deducted from the final price if treatment commences. Embryo monitoring costs 250 Euros.

The clinic does not offer egg sharing.

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The advertised price of IVF treatment using own eggs is 3300 Euros and included is:

  • Gynaecological examinations
  • Consultations during stimulation
  • Semen analysis
  • Viral and hormone tests during stimulation
  • Stimulation medication until embryo transfer
  • Sedation and egg collection
  • IMSI
  • Embryo transfer

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Gyncentrum Clinic Success Rates 2016

The egg donation clinical pregnancy rate is 63%.

The IVF (using own eggs) clinical pregnancy rate overall was 43%.

The embryo donation clinical pregnancy rate is 65%.

The frozen embryo transfer clinical pregnancy rate is 43%.

The clinic will transfer embryos on Day 3 or Day 5. The multiple birth rate in 2016 was 15% and the average number of embryos transferred was two.

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Who Attends?

The largest number of international patients treated in Gyncentrum, Katowice are from the UK. They make up about 19% of the total. The Germans are just behind them constituting about 18% and from the USA – 9%. Other nationals that frequently visit the clinic are Swedish and French accounting for 8% of international patients and Russians at 6%.

In recent years Gyncentrum Clinic has seen a stream of patients originating from countries outside of Europe and the USA, particularly from the Middle East and Africa. 6% come from the United Arab Emirates and 8% from African countries such as Nigeria, Tanzania and the Ivory Coast.

From the staff

Gyncentrum Clinic is one of the top fertility treatment facilities in Poland. It is located in the centre of the city, close to Katowice’s biggest attractions and it’s easily accessible from the nearby hotels. Gyncentrum proves cutting-edge treatments with the most advanced techniques of assisted reproductive treatment available on the market, including treatments with the newest method of classic In Vitro which increases the probability of success.

Clinic Location

Gyncentrum Clinic is located in the centre of the city, close to Katowice’s biggest attractions and it’s easily accessible from the nearby hotels.  It takes approximately 30 minutes to get to the clinic from the airport. The clinic can help with arranging airport pickup (taxi). The charge is 25 Euros.

By Aleksander Wiecki

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Interview with Gyncentrum IVF

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Went through one round of ivf treatment. The doctor was very knowledgeable, caring and very professional. Prompt to answer any question, the staff was very friendly and the office is kept immaculate. I would recommend this clinic to anyone looking to get great services.

Dorota, USA

My husband and I had 3 IUI before we moved on to Gyncentrum to have IVF. The second transfer worked and we're expecting to welcome our son in 3 weeks.
I am pregnant now, so I couldn't be happier. The whole staff of Gyncentrum is really lovely, and it doesn't end the moment you finish the treatment. I am still in touch with them to this day. I can't say how grateful I am.

Ester, Poland