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Package cost

IVF €2300

Egg donation €4600

Basic information about IVF treatment at Gynem IVF.

Maximum age of the woman: 48
Single woman: not allowed
Lesbian couples: not allowed
HIV positive patients: not allowed
HCV/HBV positive patients: not allowed
HCV/HBV positive patients: not allowed

Gynem IVF clinic is located in Prague in the Czech Republic. It is a private facility which opened in September 2013. The building is brand new and the interior purpose-built for the clinic.

The clinic has one theatre and one laboratory. The recovery room can accommodate up to 6 patients and privacy is ensured throughout. Since 2013, they have undertaken more than 2600 treatment cycles.  There are no waiting lists and personal attention is assured.

The clinic is family run and the medical director is Dr. Milan Mrázek Ph.D. MBA. He has 37 years of experience in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and 24 years of experience in Assisted Reproduction. There are five doctors in total. There are two embryologists. The senior is Dr.Tomás Rieger who is an ESHRE certified embryologist with 10 years of experience working in an embryology laboratory. There is also an International Team who of three who speak both English and German. Their role is to be the point of contact with you and the clinic and to offer support and advice.



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Gynem Treatments

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Gynem treatment room

Gynem Treatment Room


Cost of Treatments 2019


Price includes:

  • Airport transfer and taxi fare for the first visit to the clinic
  • In-person initial consultation and compulsory pre-treatment tests
  • Sexually transmitted diseases testing for the male (Hepatitis B and C, HIV, and syphilis)
  • Donor selection, testing, remuneration, and medications
  • Ultrasound scans and consultations with doctors
  • Sperm collection and semen analysis (spermiogram)
  • Fertilisation via ICSI
  • Prolonged cultivation of embryos
  • Guarantee of 1 good quality embryo for transfer
  • 30% discount on 3rd cycle
  • The Egg Donation Programme Guarantee*


Includes all features of the basic package plus:

  • One donor exclusively for one couple
  • Guaranteed minimum harvest of 6 eggs, with an average harvest of 8 to 12
  • Guarantee of 2 blastocyst stage embryos for transfer
  • Standard stimulation medications for the recipient until the first pregnancy test
  • Sperm freezing (1 year of storage)
  • 3rd cycle for free


In the case of the basic package, if at least one embryo suitable for transfer is not yielded, a new donor will be provided at no extra charge. In the case of the comfort package, a new donor will be provided if fewer than six eggs are harvested or if fewer than two embryos suitable for transfer are yielded. If the first and second fresh cycles are not successful (negative biochemical pregnancy test), a third will be offered either for free (Comfort Package) or at a 30% discount (Basic Package). This will come in the form of a shared cycle, in which case we guarantee four harvested eggs and one healthy embryo for transfer. For the guarantee to apply, sperm must be of sufficient quality (in a state of ‘normozoospermia’), and the recipient must suffer from no autoimmune diseases, natural killer (NK) cells, or uterine fibroids. Also, any frozen embryos remaining from one cycle must be used before the next fresh cycle may commence.

The cost of the first consultation is 150 Euros but this is deducted from the final price if treatment commences. Embryo monitoring costs 500 Euros. Sperm freezing costs 350 Euros including 1 years’ storage. Embryo freezing using the vitrification method costs 600 Euros including 1 years storage.


The cost of IVF is 2300 Euros. Included is:

  • Airport pickup
  • Pre-treatment tests
  • Infectious diseases testing (Hepatitis B and C, HIV and Syphilis)
  • Sperm analysis and freezing
  • Egg collection
  • ICSI
  • Extended culture to the blastocyst stage
  • Embryo transfer
  • 20% discount on 3rd cycle

The cost of Egg Freezing is 1490 Euros. Included is:

  • Monitoring, ultrasound examinations and consultations with doctors
  • Blood tests (Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis, HIV)
  • Egg retrieval done under general anaesthesia
  • Vitrification of eggs  (up to 10 eggs in 5 straws – each additional straw including 2 eggs costs 75 Euros)

There are some extra costs to add on – blood tests, possible ECG if over 40, medication for stimulation (approx 600-1000 Euros) and storage each year (first three years are included in the price). The cost of a frozen embryo transfer is 900 Euros (+500 Euros for ICSI).


Price includes:

  • Airport transfer and taxi fare for the first visit to the clinic
  • Monitoring and consultations with doctors
  • Standard stimulation medications for the recipient until the first pregnancy test
  • IMSI
  • Cryopreserved blastocyst stage embryo(s)
  • Frozen embryo transfer

Use our IVF Cost Calculator to help calculate your costs.

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Gynem Success Rates 2019

The clinical pregnancy rate for egg donation is 63%.

For IVF using own eggs it is 47% overall. 


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Gynem IVF clinic recovery rooms

Who Attends?

So far, the breakdown of nationalities of patients treated is 25% Czech,  20% UK, 15% Germany, 20% Italy, 15% Russia and 5% other.


Clinic Location

It conveniently has parking spaces for those travelling by car, although the clinic can also be accessed via the Subway (Kobyliské námestí) or tram (Vozovna Kobylisy). It is about 15 minutes from the centre of Prague. The clinic cooperates with Medical Travel. This is an agency which will help arrange travel and accommodation amongst other things.

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By Aleksander Wiecki

Basic information about treatment restrictions at Gynem IVF.

Maximum age of the woman:48
Single woman: not allowed
Lesbian couples: not allowed
HIV positive patients: not allowed
HCV/HBV positive patients: not allowed

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