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Package cost

IVF €4000

Egg donation €3900

Basic information about IVF treatment at HC Fertility Marbella.

Maximum age of the woman: 50
Single woman: allowed
Lesbian couples: allowed
HIV positive patients: not allowed
HCV/HBV positive patients: not allowed
HCV/HBV positive patients: not allowed

HC Fertility Marbella is located in Marbella on Costa Del Sol. This is a private establishment that was opened in 2009. The clinic is a modern building located in a stunning garden setting.

In 2018, HC Fertility Marbella performed 205 treatment cycles of which 58% were egg donation cycles and 42% were IVF with own eggs cycles. The clinic’s management believes that the small size of their clinic benefits patients as they are able to offer more personalised care. The fertility center is integrated with the Gynecology and Pre-Natal Units of the hospital providing patients with continuity of care should it be required.

The clinic features two laboratories, four operating theatres (one exclusive for assisted reproduction), twelve recovery rooms for patients (seven single rooms and four en-suite).

HC Fertility Marbella

HC Fertility Marbella – the Medical Team

The medical team comprises of Gynecology, Obstetrics, and Assisted Reproduction specialists with many years of experience. The Medical Director is Dr. Luis Garcia. He obtained his license in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Malaga in 1987 and completed his doctorate between 1992-1994, obtaining his specialty in Gynecology and Obstetrics from the Carlos Haya Regional Hospital. In 1996, Dr. Garcia was a practicing physician in the Gynecology and Obstetrics Unit of the Hospital Santa María del Puerto and until 1997 served as the Medical Coordinator of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Unit of the Hospital Virgen de la Montaña in Cádiz. From 1999 until today, Dr. Garcia has been one of the Area Faculty Specialists of the Hospital Costa del Sol where he also provides support to the Assisted Reproduction Unit.

Dr. Juan Manuel Marin is an Assisted Human Reproduction and Andrology Specialist and has over 15 years of experience in the field of reproductive medicine.

The clinic employs two embryologists. Dr. María José Figueroa is a Senior Clinical Embryologist at the clinic. She obtained her license in Biology from the University of Seville in 1991 and has over 20 years of experience in assisted human reproduction laboratory techniques and is ESHRE accredited.

There is also a British IVF coordinator with 20 years of experience and speaks fluent Italian. Most of the staff speak fluent English.

The clinic has ISO 2017 accreditation and ASEBIR Quality Control 2018.

HC Fertility Marbella team

HC Fertility Center – Treatments

  • Egg donation
  • Donor sperm
  • Embryo donation
  • PGT
  • Assisted Hatching
  • Embryo freezing
  • Sperm/Egg freezing
  • ROPA

The clinic accepts HCV/HBV positive patients depending on their viral count.

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HC Marbella Fertility Center

Cost of Treatments 2019

HC Fertility Marbella offers three types of egg donation programs:

  1. Exclusive Egg Donation – EUR7,700
  2. Shared Egg Donation – EUR5,000
  3. Frozen Egg Donation – EUR3,900

In the Exclusive Egg Donation Program, egg donor preparation, egg collection, ICSI, and transfer are all included. Apart from that, patients can benefit from:

  • Donor selected according to their characteristics
  • No waiting time
  • Egg donor screening, stimulation and medication
  • All the donor’s eggs, minimum of 8 eggs guaranteed
  • There is a higher possibility to freeze extra embryos
  • Guaranteed second transfer
  • 65-75% success rate.

In the Shared Egg Donation Program, egg donor preparation, egg collection, ICSI and embryo transfer are included. How does the shared egg donation work?

  • Anonymous donor’s eggs are equally divided and shared by two recipient couples
  • Egg donor screening, stimulation and medication
  • Fresh embryo transfer is performed
  • There is a possibility to freeze extra embryos
  • 60-65% success rate.

The most affordable option is Frozen Egg Donation at the price of EUR3,900 including:

  • 4-6 frozen donor eggs
  • Egg donor screening, stimulation and medication
  • Fresh embryo transfer
  • 50-55% success.

IVF with own eggs

The advertised price for an IVF cycle is from EUR4,000 and it includes sedation and ICSI.

Additional costs (when applicable): embryo freezing costs EUR300 with a yearly maintenance fee of EUR300, donor sperm sample – EUR250, extended culture to blastocyst – EUR200, sperm freezing – EUR200, frozen embryo transfer – EUR1,300.

The cost of the first consultation is EUR150 and it includes the AMH test (if needed), semen analysis and ultrasound scan. This cost is not deductible from the cost of treatment once the treatment commences.

Use our IVF Cost Calculator to help work out costs.

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HC Fertility Marbella office

HC Fertility Center Success Rates 2018

In 2018, the egg donation clinical pregnancy rate was 62% with fresh embryos and 60% for frozen embryo transfers. The overall IVF clinical pregnancy rate using own eggs was 43%. For frozen embryos it was 50%. The egg donation clinical pregnancy rate as per age is as follows:

  • women under 35 years of age – 100%
  • women aged 35-40 – 46%
  • women over 40% – 29%.

The stage of embryo transfer depends on the development of the embryos and is usually performed between day 3 and day 5. In 2018, the multiple birth rate was 22% and the average number of embryos transferred was 1.4.

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From the staff

HC Fertility is formed by a team who believes in the personalisation of each case, a team of professionals totally committed to the patients, and their dream; highly motivated to achieve the high standard of results we seek, using the updated techniques of assisted reproduction.

Patients are our guests, so our goal is to make their journey through fertility treatment as pleasant and relaxing as possible, our entire team focuses on patient service and care, guaranteeing a unique stay with the highest standards of quality and well-being.
Our staff is also multilingual making the communication between the medical staff and patient problem free.

Who Attends?

Patients of the clinic come from various countries. 57% of them are Italian, 22% are Spanish and 21% of patients travel to the clinic from other countries.

You can download the brochure here: HC Fertility Brochure

Clinic Location

HC Fertility Marbella is situated very close to the famous Puerto Banus area of Marbella, 5 minutes from Marbella city centre and about 200 metres from the sea. The closest airports are in Malaga or in Gibraltar. Both are 45 min driving distance by car to Marbella. Transport by bus is available from Malaga airport to the city center of Marbella.

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Basic information about treatment restrictions at HC Fertility Marbella.

Maximum age of the woman:50
Single woman: allowed
Lesbian couples: allowed
HIV positive patients: not allowed
HCV/HBV positive patients: not allowed

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Interview with HC Fertility Marbella

Read this interview

They have made our dreams come true!

Finding the right Clinic was the first tangible step towards our IVF journey. The process was slightly nerve racking, especially as we live in a foreign country but High Care Clinic’s website caught our eye and as soon as we spoke with Fiona, our co-ordinator, we knew we had chosen the right place. At our initial consultation we were completely put at ease with the friendly atmosphere and the final nerves on whether we should be undertaking IVF in the UK were put to rest. We are now 7 weeks pregnant with our second try and we could not be more thrilled. We feel completely confident and happy with Dr. Marin and Dr Garcia who, together with our Embryologist Maria, Fiona and our lovely nurse have been nothing short of magical in their unwavering positivity and support at all stages before, during and after the transfer. We would highly recommend High Care Clinic to any couples or single mothers who are looking to embark on the IVF journey, they have made our dreams come true!


My partner & I are receiving treatment through the Fertility department at HC Marbella; we cannot recommend them highly enough!!

Having recently moved to Spain from the UK we were keen to restart our baby making journey, after researching many different options we met up with the wonderful Fiona at HC Marbella who made us feel comfortable not only with the treatment options but with receiving medical advice/treatments in Spain and Spanish. Fiona will literally hold your hand through the whole thing, translating every last detail!

Our Consultant Dr Marin has been amazing; a very kind, empathetic and talented man. We may not speak the same language but we have built a great relationship with him. We have been through similar treatment in the UK but the tests, analysis and care we have received here have been far superior to anything we have experienced elsewhere.

The hospital is always beautifully clean and all of the staff we have been in touch with have all been great!

F & P Simons (About to embark on our 2nd course of IVF with HC Marbella)