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Package cost

IVF €2700

Egg donation €4100

Basic information about treatment restrictions at Intersono IVF Clinic.

Maximum age of the woman: 54
Single woman: allowed
Lesbian couples: allowed
HIV positive patients: allowed
HCV/HBV positive patients: allowed

Intersono IVF clinic has been successfully providing various IVF treatment options, egg donation and surrogacy services for 15 years. Since then, it has helped the birth of more than 5,000 babies. Intersono is a part of the Medicover Group, the largest private healthcare provider in Central and Eastern Europe with over 3,000 medical staff. Intersono is a fully certified IVF clinic. They hold ISO 9001 certification which was implemented in 2007.

Intersono IVF clinic opened in 2011 and performs 1,500 IVF cycles a year (data from 2018) of which 800 were egg donation cycles and 700 were IVF with own eggs cycles. The clinic has two embryology laboratories, one clinic laboratory, two operating theatres and five single recovery rooms for patients.

Intersono IVF clinic laboratory

Intersono IVF Clinic – Medical Team

The Medical Director of the clinic is Dr.Uliana Dorofeyeva. She specializes in Assisted Reproductive Technology related procedures, such as artificial insemination, all types of ovarian stimulation, oocyte pick-up, embryo cultivation, embryo transfer, egg donation and surrogacy treatments. Performed and assisted in various major and minor gynecological, obstetrics, general surgery and infertility related procedures. Dr. Dorofeyeva is also trained in all aspects of andrology and reproductive endocrinology. She has vast knowledge in the areas of laboratory quality control, vitrification of oocytes, cryopreservation of gametes, embryos and unique ovarian tissue, micromanipulation of gametes including Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection and Assisted Hatching.

Dr.Uliana Dorofeyeva is a member of ASRM (American Society of Reproductive Medicine), ESHRE (European Society of Reproductive Medicine) and UARM (Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine).

Intersono IVF Clinic employs 15 doctors  and 8 embryologists of which three are senior embryologists:

  • Mariana Vityshunska, 8 years of experience,
  • Roxolana Radkevych, 7 years of experience,
  • Natalia Sarafanova, 6 years of experience.

Patient coordinators at Intersono speak English, Polish, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian and offer discreet and constant care and support before starting your treatment, in the course of it and after. International patient coordinators, embryologists and doctors – speak English fluently.

Patients should know that Intersono clinic holds ISO 9001:2015 certification and Ministry of Health Accreditation Certificate №014324.


Intersono IVF Clinic Treatments

Intersono IVF Clinic offers the following treatments, procedures and services:

  • Egg donation (own egg donor bank),
  • Donor sperm (own sperm donor bank),
  • Embryo donation,
  • Fertility preservation,
  • Assisted Hatching,
  • Embryo and gamete freezing,
  • PICSI,
  • TESA,
  • SEM (endometrial receptivity test),
  • Immune treatment Bioven,
  • NKT cells immune mapping,
  • FISH sperm analysis,
  • DNA sperm fragmentation,
  • NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Test),
  • PGT-A (chromosome aneuploidies test),
  • PGS/PGD.

Intersono also offers PRP ovarian rejuvenation and PRP endometrium rejuvenation for patients who need more advanced and thorough treatments.

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Rooms at Intersono

Success rates at Intersono IVF Clinic in 2018

The egg donation clinical rate per embryo transfer is 64% and IVF with own eggs overall is 56%.

IVF clinical pregnancy rate for women as in 2018:

  • under 35 years of age – 56%
  • 35-40 years of age – 49%
  • over 40 years of age – 21%.

The clinical pregnancy rate in the case of frozen embryo transfer was 58% in 2018 and in the case of embryo donation cycles, the clinical pregnancy rate was 60%.

The IVF specialists at Intersono recommend and practice transferring embryos on Day 5 blastocyst stage and, on average, 2 embryos are transferred.

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Patient room at Intersono

Cost of treatment 2019

Egg Donation

At Intersono IVF Clinic patients can choose between IVF with fresh donor eggs – EUR 4,900 and IVF with frozen donor eggs – EUR 4,100. What is included in each of these programs?

  • Initial consultation with Intersono fertility specialist (personal doctor and medical coordinator who is in touch with the patient at all stages of the treatment)
  • 7-day free access to broad egg donor catalog with more than 450 completely screened egg donors with different phenotypes
  • Free egg donor selection process (with personal assistance from your doctor should you require it)
  • Personalized treatment planning for each patient
  • Endometrial lining stimulation protocol
  • Egg donor medical and psychological screening, medication, stimulation
  • Donor egg retrieval with anesthesia
  • Egg donor compensation
  • Semen analysis and sperm preparation
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
  • Embryo culture
  • Embryo transfer.

Egg donation recipients at Intersono can benefit from extra services like detailed embryological development report and a photo of transferred embryos. You can also get assistance with visa applications, hotel and travel arrangements. Also, two airport transfers and a complimentary city tour with a guide is guaranteed in the program. All patients receive support during and after the treatment program.

If you are interested in additional services, there is an extended culture to blastocyst at the cost of EUR 255, sperm freezing will cost you EUR 225, vitrification costs EUR 300. If you wish to go ahead with frozen embryo transfer, it will cost you EUR 1,350.

IVF with own eggs

IVF treatment with own oocytes costs EUR 2,700 at Intersono. The package includes:

  • Initial consultation with Intersono fertility specialist (personal doctor and medical coordinator who will be in constant contact with you at all stages of your treatment)
  • Personalized treatment planning for each patient
  • Ultaround monitoring of ovarian stimulation
  • Hormonal monitoring of ovarian response
  • Oocyte retrieval under general anesthesia
  • Semen analysis and sperm preparation
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)- if required
  • Embryo culture
  • Embryo transfer
  • Detailed embryological development report and photo of transferred embryos

Patients can also benefit from assistance with visa applications, hotel and travel arrangements, are guaranteed two airport transfers and a complimentary city tour with a guide. Patients also receive support during and after the treatment program.

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From the staff

Taking care of patients is what Intersono IVF clinic is all about. Intersono IVF clinic possesses an effective customer service and communication skills with all patients who are looking forward to finally hold their dreamed and desirable child. Our multidisciplinary team provides compassionate, patient-centered plans that are tailored to an individual’s needs. Intersono IVF clinic offers a full range of treatment options and the chance to become a mother only in a few weeks.

Doctors at Intersono

Who attends?

The majority of Intersono’s patients are couples and singles from the UK (30%), France (30%), Germany (20%) and Poland (10%). Some patients travel even from the USA (10%).

Clinic Location

Intersono IVF Clinic is located in the beautiful city of Lviv, a large cultural and historical centre in Western Ukraine, with easy connections to European capitals via Lviv’s new international airport, and within 70 km driving distance of the Polish-Ukrainian border. The clinic is located only 3 km (1.9 miles) driving distance from the city centre. You can get to Intersono IVF clinic from the airport by

  • a taxi – travel time is about 10 min.
  • a bus 29 – travel time is about 15-20 min.

What is important for patients from abroad, airport transfer is included in every treatment program price. In order to make the patient’s stay more comfortable, Intersono offers patient accommodation service. What is included?

  • free hotel booking (guaranteed 7-10% discount on selected rooms, includes all period of your stay in the hotel)
  • free transfer from the airport to the clinic or a hotel
  • tour guide services.
By Dorothy Walas

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Basic information about treatment restrictions at Intersono IVF Clinic.

Maximum age of the woman: 54
Single woman: allowed
Lesbian couples: allowed
HIV positive patients: allowed
HCV/HBV positive patients: allowed

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