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Package cost

IVF €1950

Egg donation €4500

Basic information about treatment restrictions at the Clinic.

Maximum age of the woman: 49
Single woman: not allowed
Lesbian couples: not allowed
HIV positive patients: not allowed
HCV/HBV positive patients: allowed (embryos will have to be in quarantine for a fee of €100)


IVF Zlin Czech Republic is located in the city of Zlin.  It was opened in 2001 and is a private facility. It has a unique layout as it comprises both a 4*hotel (opened in 2012) and IVF unit under one roof.  It is spread over 3 floors with the hotel, the theatre and one of the laboratories sharing the top floor. The presence of the hotel onsite (Hotel Tomasov) can make the process of arranging treatment and accommodation a little easier if desired. Following embryo transfer, for example, those who stay at the hotel have the luxury of going back to their own room for recovery. And of course there is no travelling to and from the clinic for appointments.  Costs for the hotel are between 65-80 Euros a night. The other two floors hold the IVF department, the reception area, another laboratory, a pharmacy and a restaurant.

The clinic holds ISO accreditation ISO 9001:2009, ISO 15189:2007 and is also licensed by SUKL.

The medical director of the clinic is Dr.David Rumpik who has 18 years’ experience of assisted reproduction. In total there are four doctors including one female doctor. There are six embryologists including two senior who are both ESHRE accredited with over 10 years of experience. English is spoken by many staff including doctors, IVF Coordinators and nurses.

IVF Zlin carried out 506 IVF/ICSI cycles and 457 egg donation cycles in 2017.


Reception desk ivf ZLIN

Reception IVF Zlin


IVF Zlin Treatments

Egg donation
Donor sperm
Embryo donation
Assisted Hatching
Embryo freezing

Sperm/Egg freezing

Embryo monitoring


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consulting room IVF ZLIN

Consulting Room IVF Zlin


Cost of Treatments

The cost of egg donation is very reasonable and advertised as 4500 Euros. It is a comprehensive package and includes donor stimulation and retrieval, ICSI, extended culture to blastocyst stage, transfer and embryo freezing using the vitrification method. Sperm freezing is also included. Embryo monitoring (Embryoscope) is available and costs 200 Euros. The First Consultation costs 100 Euros but this is deductible if treatment commences at the clinic. A frozen embryo transfer costs 500 Euros.

IVF treatment costs start at 1950 Euros. This includes sedation, ISCI, blastocyst transfer and assisted hatching if applicable. Surplus embryo freezing (first 2 vials) and sperm freezing costs 200 Euros each including storage costs for the first year.

Egg freezing costs 1000 Euros. See the IVF Cost Calculator for help understanding how to calculate your costs.

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Hotel room at IVF Zlin

Hotel room at IVF Zlin


IVF Zlin Success Rates 2017

  • For egg donation the clinical pregnancy rate was 58.6%.
  • For IVF cycles the overall clinical pregnancy rate 32.2%.
  • For frozen embryo transfer the clinical pregnancy rate was 36.7%.

The average number of embryos transferred in 2017 was 1.32 and the multiple birth rate was 16%.

The clinic guarantees 2 high quality blastocysts for embryo transfer with egg donation.  In general, the clinic will transfer embryos at the blastocyst stage. The clinic will recommend only one embryo per transfer to reduce the risk of multiple pregnancy. However the final decision is with the patient whether they want one or two embryos transferred.

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Our Staff


From the staff

The Clinic of Reproductive medicine and Gynecology Zlin can undertake any treatment “under one roof”.

For over 14 years The Clinic of Reproductive medicine and Gynecology Zlin offers comprehensive services in the fields of assisted reproduction, gynecology, andrology and embryology. Thanks to a wide range of used methods, long-term experiences and top team of IVF specialists we help many people become parents – even couples whose situation seems hopeless.

In the same building as the Clinic of Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecology Zlín there is also for our clients a luxury hotel Tomasov (the hotel has 15 double rooms and one suite).

The clinic and the hotel facilities provides our clients with unequalled comfort on their journey to their long-desired child.

Since 2003 has the company has a well established system of a quality management according to norm CSN EN ISO 9001:2008 which is yearly audited by company TÜVRheinland.

Who Attends?

The majority of people from abroad who attend IVF Zlin are from the USA, UK, Ireland, France, Romania and Slovakia.


Clinic Location

The clinic is about 15 minutes from the city centre. Transport from one of the airports (Vienna, Brno, Bratislava and Prague) to the clinic can be arranged or there are easy bus and train links to Zlin.

By Aleksander Wiecki

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