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Warsaw, Poland

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Package cost

IVF €2500

Egg donation €4575

Klinika Bocian is a Poland based IVF clinic offering infertility treatment to patients from Poland and abroad. It was established in 2006. For the last ten years, Klinika Bocian has been successfully treating infertile couples. The clinic is proud of its world-class medical team, most recent reproductive medicine procedures and affordable prices that attract patients from the United Kingdom and other neighbouring countries. Klinika Bocian has been appreciated by patients because of their high success rates and very positive feedback from patients. The constantly growing number of both international and domestic patients travelling to Klinika Bocian proves it is a destination worth considering.

Klinika Bocian is ISO 9001:2009 accredited, was included in 2018 Top Ten Fertility Clinics in Europe by Global Clinic Rating (GCR), and holds IVF Trusted Clinic, Egg Donation Trusted Clinic certificates. The total number of treatment cycles performed at the clinic in 2018 is 2,700 of which 35% were egg donation cycles and 55% were IVF cycles.

The clinic offers four various locations in major Polish cities: Warsaw, Katowice, Poznań, and Białystok. The clinic in Warsaw employs 6 doctors and 4 embryologists, the centre in Białystok – 6 doctors and 3 embryologists and there are 4 doctors and 3 embryologists in Klinika Bocian in Katowice. The clinics’ embryologists in Warsaw and Białystok are ESHRE accredited and have 10-20 years of experience in the field.

All patients visiting the clinics can benefit from the assistance of the international team of English-speaking and Russian-speaking patient coordinators. The clinic’s doctors, coordinators, midwives and embryologists speak English fluently. Each location features embryology, andrology and diagnostic laboratories, an operating theatre, a 5-6 bed recovery room, and an ensuite room for patients.

klinika bocian ivf lab

IVF lab at Klinika Bocian

Medical Directors

Dr. Grzegorz Mrugacz is the founder of Klinika Bocian. With more than 25 years of experience in fertility treatment, he is the director of the medical staff at Klinika Bocian in Bialystok, Warsaw and Katowice, ensuring cutting edge quality of provided patient care and treatment, and helping many patients discover joys of parenthood. Dr. Jarosław Niemoczyński is in charge of the centre in Warsaw. He is an outstanding expert with over 30 years of experience in the area of infertility and has been treating patients using IVF methods since this technology was first available in Poland. Dr. Arkadiusz Adamczyk is a Medical Director at the clinic branch in Katowice. He graduated from Silesian Medical University and trained in Brothers Hospitallers of Saint John of God Hospital in Katowice. He is continuously improving his qualifications by attending various conferences and courses on ultrasonography, ovulation disorders, andrology and embryology.

Klinika Bocian Treatments

Klinika Bocian offers a variety of treatments aiming to help infertile couples have a healthy baby. You can choose from IVF treatment with own eggs or with donor eggs/sperm and select additional procedures like genetic testing or TESA (sperm retrieval). The offer includes:

  • Egg donation
  • Donor sperm
  • Embryo donation
  • TESA procedure
  • Embryoscope
  • Assisted Hatching
  • Embryo freezing
  • Sperm/egg freezing
  • Embryoglue

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Klinika Bocian Poland doctors

Cost of Treatments

Egg Donation Program

The price list is fully transparent and affordable. The advertised price of fresh egg donation cycle is EUR5,075 and frozen egg donation cycle is EUR4,575. What is included in the egg donation program?

  • initial consultation with an ultrasound scan,
  • review consultation,
  • female & male pre-treatment screening tests,
  • female hormone blood tests,
  • semen analysis,
  • ICSI,
  • medication for endometrial lining stimulation,
  • eggs selection and preparation, embryos transfer.

The first consultation costs EUR50 and is deductible from the cost if the treatment commences. The pricing of additional services is as follows:

  • Sperm freezing – EUR75
  • Embryoscope – EUR200
  • Oocyte vitrification – EUR100
  • Embryo freezing – EUR100
  • Frozen embryo transfer – EUR400

IVF Program

If you choose IVF with own eggs, the cost is EUR2,500-3,300. What is included in the IVF package?

  • Initial consultation with an ultrasound scan,
  • review consultation,
  • female & male pre-treatment screening,
  • female hormone blood tests,
  • semen analysis,
  • medication for stimulation,
  • eggs selection and preparation,
  • ICSI fertilization,
  • Embryo transfer – blastocyst if it is recommended.

The clinic does not offer egg sharing.

Our IVF Cost Calculator can help with understanding costs.

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dr Mrugacz Klinika Bocian

Dr. Mrugacz, the Founder of Klinika Bocian

Klinika Bocian Success Rates 2018

IVF with own eggs clinical rate (overall) 2018 is 43%. IVF clinical pregnancy rates 2018 are:

  • under 35 years old – 47.6%
  • 35-40 years old       – 37.6%
  • above 40 years old – 24.1%

Frozen embryo clinical pregnancy rate 2018 is 35%. Embryo donation clinical pregnancy rate 2018 is 49% and egg donation clinical rate (per first embryo transfer) is 57%. The doctors at Klinika Bocian are aware of the risks connected with mutliple pregnancies, therefore, the multiple birth rate at the clinic in 2018 was only 15%.

The preferred day of embryo transfer in Klinika Bocian is Day 3 or blastocyst stage.

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Who attends?

Klinika Bocian attracts many patients from the UK, USA and the neighbouring countries: 40% patients come from Belarus, 30% from the UK, 20% from Lithuania, 10% from the USA and other countries. The patients from the UK and the USA are mainly attracted by competitive prices and high standards of treatment and care.

Clinic Location

Klinika Bocian has clinics in Warsaw, Katowice, Poznań and Białystok. All of them are located in city centers.

Warszawa, ul. Stawki 2
Katowice, ul. Dąbrówki 13
Poznań, ul. Dąbrowskiego 77a
Białystok, ul. Akademicka 26

If you are travelling to the clinic in Warsaw, you can easily get from the airport to the city centre by train or by bus. When travelling from Warszawa Chopin airport, take a train and bus nr 175 (20 minutes); from Warszawa Modlin airport, take a train or Modlin Bus shuttle (1 hour). If your destination is Klinika Bocian in Katowice, you can get from the airport to the city centre by Airport bus or taxi (30 minutes).
In Bialystok, you can get to the clinic from Central Railway Station by tram no. 4, no. 10 (12 minutes) or by taxi (10 minutes).

Klinika Bocian offers airport pickup:

  • Warszawa Modlin: 30 Euro
  • Warszawa Chopin: 10 Euro
  • Katowice: 25 Euro
  • Białystok – 10 Euro

The clinic offers 10% discount on hotel bookings with their partner hotels.

By Dorothy Walas

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