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Package cost

IVF €3600

Egg donation €4800

MASVIDA Reproducción IVF clinic is located in the city of Seville which is located in Spain. It was opened in 2010 and is a private fertility clinic. In 2016, 150 treatment cycles were undertaken and 47% of these were egg donation cycles. For the benefit of overseas patients to the clinic, there is an international department of the Clinic MASVIDA Reproducción called SevillaHealth. This international department provides a whole range of services for visitors to Seville including help with booking flights, transfers, accommodation and, of course, coordinating the treatments of patients. This will be of great benefit to patients who do not want the stress of arranging everything associated with travelling abroad for fertility treatment.

The fertility clinic is located in its own building and there is one laboratory and four recovery rooms which are all ensuite. Since May 2015, the Medical Director is Dr Candela Gallardo Román. He has worked in reproductive medicine for a number of years in hospitals including Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella and in the Reproduction Unit at the Hospital Virgen de las Nieves in Granada. He also spent a year working in Berlin. There are three other doctors and four embryologists. The senior embryologist has 10 years of experience and is ESHRE accredited. Fluent English is spoken by the international department (SevillaHealth) and reception, gynaecologists, nurses and the director. Other languages are also spoken by the team so all patients from abroad are accommodated.

ISO 9001/2015 is in progress for the laboratory as well as UNE EN 179007/2013.

masvida ivf waiting room

MASVIDA Reproducción IVF Clinic Treatments

Egg donation
Donor sperm
Assisted Hatching
Egg and sperm freezing
Embryo Monitoring (PrimoVision)
Embryo freezing

They have a gamete bank, CEIFER Biobanco, which means that they have frozen egg and sperm donors available.

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Success Rates 2016

The success rates are good.

The clinical pregnancy rate for egg donation is 68%.

The overall IVF clinical pregnancy rate was 53%.

Frozen embryo clinical pregnancy rate was 50%.

The clinic works individually with every patient so the day of transfer can be day 3 or blastocyst. The multiple pregnancy rate for 2016 was 16% with an average of two embryos transferred.


masvida ivf clinic inside

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Fertility Treatment Costs

The advertised price of egg donation treatment is low at 4800 Euros. Included in this price is donor stimulation, donor medication, ICSI, embryo transfer and medical consultations. The cost of the first consultation is free. Embryo monitoring by PrimoVision is also included as well as culture to the blastocyst stage. This makes a good all round package. Not included is freezing of surplus embryos from the treatment which costs 450 Euros. Sperm freezing costs 400 Euros.

There is no egg sharing option at this clinic.

The advertised cost of IVF treatment using own eggs is 3600 Euros. Included in this price is sedation, egg collection, ICSI and blastocyst culture. PrimoVision is also included.

See our IVF Cost Calculator to help understand costs involved in treatments. Or find out more about IVF in Spain.

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Who attends?

Of the people who currently attend the fertility clinic, 90% are Spanish and 10% are from abroad.

From the staff

MASVIDA Reproducción is a fertility clinic where the patient is always the most important part of the process. In that sense not only the work is based on a short-term perspective, but also on the patient’s long-term wellbeing. The team sees each cycle as a new challenge into which we put all the efforts.

Quality, safety, scientific progress, innovation, and state-of-the-art technologies is what you will find at the clinic. MASVIDA is committed to listening and caring for each patient’s needs, basing their personal treatment on significant values.

We work individually each patient, without waiting list; with personalized budgets and in the best city: Seville.

The facilities of the clinic are equipped with everything you need to feel at home. Patients play a leading role, and MASVIDA’s specialists want to be their travel companions: the ones that guide and help them fulfil their dream.


Clinic Location

The clinic is located 10 minutes from the airport and/or main train station. SevillaHealth will help with arranging pickup and travel. They also can help arrange accommodation and help with planning your free time in Seville.

By Aleksander Wiecki

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