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Package cost

IVF €2405

Egg donation €4105

Next Generation Clinic is located in the historic centre of St Petersburg in Russia. It is a private clinic and opened in January 2015.

Next Generation Clinic completes about 2000 treatment cycles a year of which about 25 % are egg or sperm donation cycles. About a third of the total treatment cycles are PGS cycles.

The clinic makes use of the whole building over four floors – approximately 1000 square metres. It has two operating theatres and two laboratories – embryology and genetics. For post recovery there are three comfortable rooms.

The Medical Director is Dr. Kornilov Nikolay who has 20 years’ experience and is a specialist in gynaecology and reproductive medicine. He is a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and also a member of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology. There are nine doctors in total and seven embryologists. The senior embryologist has 15 years’ experience and is ESHRE accredited.

In September 2017 NGC opened a clinic in Moscow too and an international team is available for the convenience of foreign patients travelling to both St Petersburg and Moscow.

Like all Russian IVF clinics, Next Generation Clinic has attained a licence to practise from the Ministry of Health.

Next Generation Clinic Russia

Next Generation Clinic Theatre


Next Generation Clinic Treatments

  • Egg donation
  • Embryo donation
  • Donor sperm
  • Embryo freezing
  • Egg and sperm freezing
  • Surrogacy

Most of their egg and sperm donors are tested for being a carrier of 21 single-gene diseases. More information can be found on their website.

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Cost of Treatments

Egg Donation Costs

  • The advertised price of anonymous egg donation using frozen donor eggs is 4105 Euros. This price includes 12 eggs from the NGC Cryobank (matching by childhood photos), ICSI, blastocyst culture and embryo transfer.
  • This treatment can be offered with PGS for 2 embryos for 5819 Euros.  It includes 12 frozen donor eggs, ICSI, cultivation, trophectoderm biopsy and vitrification of all embryos with 1 year of storage. PGS for 2 embryos, thawing and embryo transfer.
  • Personalised egg donation with matching a donor by adulthood photos from the clinic database costs 4780 Euros. This includes either fresh or frozen eggs  IVF/ICSI, blastocyst culture and embryo transfer.
  • Personalised egg donation with PGS for 2 embryos costs 6494 Euros.  It includes 12 fresh or frozen donor eggs, IVF/ICSI, cultivation, trophectoderm biopsy and vitrification of all embryos with 1 year of storage. PGS for 2 embryos, thawing and embryo transfer.

Patients are able to view extended donor profiles with 70 characteristics: main biometrics, medical information, education and occupation, personal information, handwritten motivation letters, photos, voice recording, genetic passport. All egg donors have proven fertility (i.e. each egg donor has children of her own).

IVF Costs

The advertised price of IVF using own eggs is 2405 Euros. This includes stimulation, egg retrieval under anaesthetic, IVF fertilisation, cultivation and embryo transfer.  Contact the clinic for more information.

Embryo Donation Costs

The advertised price of frozen embryo donation is 2214 Euros.  Fresh embryo donation costs 3520 Euros.

Egg and embryo donation programs generally require one home-based ultrasound and one day visit for embryo transfer. Coordination of the programs is aimed at optimisation and minimisation of the time patients spend in the clinic. The cost of the initial consultation is 72 Euros. Medications can be bought in the NGC pharmacy at well-below-market prices.

Our IVF Cost Calculator can help with understanding costs.

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Next Generation Russia Laboratory

Next Generation Clinic Laboratory

Next Generation Clinic Success Rates 2016

The clinical pregnancy rate for egg donation was 65% – after PGS/PGD it was 74%. The clinical pregnancy rate for IVF was:

  • up to 30 years of age – 58%
  • 30-45 years – 47%
  • 45-50 years-  31%

In 65% of cycles 2 embryos are transferred.

The preferred stage of embryo transfer is day 5 blastocyst embryos.

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Who Attends?

Approximately 90% of the patients who visit are from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other former Soviet Union countries. The other 10% come from all over the world including China, USA, Italy, Australia, Germany, France and Finland etc.

Next Generation Russia IVF staff

The staff at Next Generation

From the staff

Next Generation Clinic is the leading Russian clinic, which provides all ART services – IVF, ICSI, IUI, blastocyst embryo transfer, PGS/PGD, egg/sperm/embryo donation programs, PESA/TESA/MESA, surrogate motherhood.

We are a solid team  with more than 20 years’ experience in IVF treatment.

Clinic Location

The clinic is located in the city centre with good bus and metro links.

By Aleksander Wiecki

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Interview with Next Generation Clinic

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Diana supported us on our journey and all the way through to the point where we had a successful cycle. After several unsuccessful attempts with another clinic, Diana suggested we use Next Generation. We were happy to trust her judgement. We were very impressed with the clinic and all the care and information provided. We were successful on our first attempt with this clinic. We are now a happy family, and can't thank Diana and her team enough for everything they've done for us.


Thanks Russia for hospitality and their experience in IVF treatment.We were looking for egg donor for 2 years and is was fantastic to get access to great base with real donors eggs.My wife got pregnant in a month! Our respect to Dr.Diana Lobzeva and all specialists involved in our fertility treatment.