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Package cost

IVF €2500

Egg donation €4600

Basic information about IVF treatment at Reproduction Center “Parens-Ukraine”.

Maximum age of the woman: 51
Single woman: allowed
Lesbian couples: not allowed
HIV positive patients: not allowed
HCV/HBV positive patients: allowed
HCV/HBV positive patients: allowed

Reproduction Center “Parens-Ukraine” is located in the heart of Lviv, Ukraine. The history of this clinic goes back to 2005, where in Cracow, Poland, the first clinic of Medical Group Parens was opened. In the spring of 2012, Reproduction Center “Parens-Ukraine” was established in Lviv. Parens-Ukraine is proud of its modern embryology and andrology laboratory. The embryological laboratory uses the equipment from well-known companies, like Thermo Fisher Scientific, Olimpus, Integra TITM, etc. “Parens-Ukraine” managed to adapt to the European and American advances in biotechnology. In 2019 it undertook 220 IVF cycles of which 36% were egg donation cycles and 64% IVF with own eggs cycles. The facility has two IVF laboratories and one operating theatre and has a comfortable two-bed patient recovery room.

The experts of the centre continuously undertake training in Poland, Germany, Israel. They are members of the Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine (UARM), ESНRE and ASHRM. This allows for regular experience exchange with foreign colleagues. For many years, Parens clinics have been a place where couples who struggle with conceiving a child get the most important thing – the result, a healthy baby.

Reproduction Center Parens Ukraine

Reproduction Center “Parens-Ukraine” Medical Team

The clinic’s Medical Director is Dr. Nataliia Halyshych who has 28 years of experience in the field. She specializes in obstetrics and gynecology, pediatric gynecology, ultrasound diagnostics, phthisiology and extrapulmonary tuberculosis, and healthcare organization and management. There are 14 fertility doctors at the clinic and three embryologists. The senior embryologist is Kostiantyn Hrazhdan who has 15 years of experience in embryology and is ESHRE accredited.

The clinic has an international team for translation and the staff speaks English.

Reproduction Center “Parens-Ukraine” holds a licence of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine Series AE #459659 for medical practice and an accreditation certificate issued by the Ministry of the Healthcare of Ukraine – 1st category.

Reproduction Center "Parens-Ukraine"

Reproduction Center “Parens-Ukraine” Treatments

The following treatments are available at the clinic

  • egg donation,
  • sperm donation,
  • embryo donation,
  • PGT,
  • assisted hatching,
  • embryo/gamete freezing,
  • Embryoglue,
  • Oocyte activation,
  • PICSI,
  • TESA,
  • TESE,
  • surrogacy,
  • embryo adoption.

The clinic accepts lesbian couples for IVF or egg donation treatment. However, surrogacy services are only available for heterosexual officially married couples.

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IVF lab at Reproduction Center “Parens-Ukraine”

IVF Treatment Cost at Reproduction Center “Parens-Ukraine”

Egg Donation

“Parens-Ukraine” offers an egg donation program at the price of EUR 4,600. This program includes the following:

  • preparation to the program,
  • egg donor stimulation,
  • egg donor compensation,
  • egg retrieval,
  • sperm preparation,
  • ICSI,
  • embryo culture till the blastocyst stage,
  • uterine lining preparation,
  • fresh embryo transfer.

Medication for the patient is not included.

IVF with own eggs

If you qualify for IVF treatment using your own oocytes, the cost of the treatment is EUR 2,500. This program includes:

  • preparation for the program,
  • creation of the ovarian stimulation protocol,
  • ovarian stimulation,
  • ultrasounds during the stimulation,
  • egg retrieval,
  • consultation with the anaesthesiologist,
  • sedation,
  • sperm preparation,
  • sperm thawing,
  • ICSI,
  • embryo culture till the blastocyst stage,
  • fresh embryo transfer.

The first consultation is free of charge. The extended culture to the blastocyst stage is included in every program. The cost of sperm freezing is also included in the cost of the egg donation program. The clinic offers free frozen sperm storage for 3 months. The cost of vitrification is EUR 450 for 2 straws, each consecutive straw will cost you EUR 170.

Frozen embryo transfer costs EUR 1,150.

The clinic’s doctors and embryologists recommend and practice embryo transfer on Day 5, at the blastocyst stage. The multiple birth rate in 2019 was really low – 6% as the average number of embryos transferred was 1.

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Reproduction Center “Parens-Ukraine” Success Rates 2019

The egg donation clinical pregnancy rate in 2019 was 69% and the IVF with own eggs clinical pregnancy success rate was 55%. The IVF with own eggs and own sperm clinical pregnancy rate with a breakdown per recipient’s age is as follows:

  • under 35 years of age – 51%
  • 35-40 years old – 37%
  • above the age of 40 – 20%.

The frozen embryo clinical pregnancy rate in 2019 was 58% and the rate for embryo donation was 59%.

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Doctors at Reproduction Center “Parens-Ukraine”

Who Attends?

Reproduction Center “Parens-Ukraine” is visited by patients from many European countries, among many others patients from Ukraine (35%), Germany (19%), Poland (26%), the USA (10%), the UK & Ireland (8%), and 2% of other nationalities.

From the staff

Our team of fertility specialists, embryologists and all the medical staff of Parens-Ukraine are putting their best effort each day to make your lifelong dream of parenthood come true. We believe that the personalized professional approach to each patient, sincere care for everyone who comes to us and years of experience behind play the crucial role in any IVF or surrogacy program and are the most important factors of reaching success. Our fertility doctors say it’s their true calling to grow people’s families, they improve their skills and learn new treatment methods to get better results.

Clinic Location

Reproduction Center “Parens-Ukraine” is located 10 minutes from the Lviv city centre by car and 3 minutes from the airport. Two car transfers are included in every program. The patient coordinators are always ready to recommend a place to stay in accordance with the patient’s requirements.

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Basic information about treatment restrictions at Reproduction Center “Parens-Ukraine”.

Maximum age of the woman:51
Single woman: allowed
Lesbian couples: not allowed
HIV positive patients: not allowed
HCV/HBV positive patients: allowed

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