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Package cost

IVF €2400

Egg donation €4900

Basic information about IVF treatment at Repromeda s.r.o..

Maximum age of the woman: 49
Single woman: not allowed
Lesbian couples: not allowed
HIV positive patients (female): allowed
HIV positive patients (male): allowed
HCV/HBV positive patients (female): allowed
HCV/HBV positive patients (male): allowed

Repromeda is a leading provider of IVF and genetic laboratory services, located in Brno city in the southeast of the Czech Republic. Its professionals have been helping intended parents since 1999 and Repromeda has become one of the leaders in reproductive medicine and genetics. Despite the current trends it still remains a family-owned clinic with a very flexible approach to infertility treatment. All the couples undergoing the treatment are subjected to a thorough fertility examination followed by a patient-specific approach.

Both the IVF clinic and the genetic laboratory are set in the contemporary building of Biology Park overlooking a valley with stunning views. A high patient experience begins at a private car park with barrier-free access to the clinic, followed by Feng Shui interior design of the premises. The soothing atmosphere of the waiting room is enhanced by comfortable chairs, relaxing music and the smell of freshly ground coffee.

There are four state-of-the-art laboratories at Repromeda (andrology, embryology, molecular genetics, and cytogenetics lab), one operating theatre, and two transfer rooms. Patients may recover from minor surgical procedures in two ensuite rooms. In 2020, 851 treatment cycles were performed at the clinic of which 79% were cycles with own eggs (740) and 21% of the treatments were done using donor eggs.

Medical Team at Repromeda

Dr Kateřina Veselá

Dr. Kateřina Veselá

The CEO and medical director of the clinic is Dr. Kateřina Veselá, Ph.D. whose healthcare experience includes more than 25 years of clinical practice. Apart from being a member of various international research organizations involved in infertility treatment using genetic testing, her specialization extends to infertility, gynecology, medical genetics, acupuncture, and traditional Chinese Medicine.

Both owners and specialists in reproductive gynecology, Kateřina Veselá and Jan Veselý, believe that the key features to boost the chance of successful conception are the state-of-the-art IVF methods, preconception and preimplantation genetics and a touch of alternative medicine.

Repromeda is staffed, among others, with eight clinicians, of which three are geneticists and five are gynaecologists, and two ESHRE accredited senior embryologists with more than 15 years of experience. The team of coordinators supports the international patients and makes sure they get all the needed information. Although the common company languages are Czech and English, the coordinating team also speaks German, Italian, Polish, Slovakian, Russian, Ukrainian, and French.

Repromeda is accredited according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 15189:2012 standards.

Reception at Repromeda

Repromeda Treatment Options

If you decide to travel to Repromeda in Brno, you will be able to be treated using the procedures listed below:

  • IUI (intrauterine insemination) and AID (artificial insemination with donor)
  • Egg donation
  • Donor sperm
  • Embryo donation
  • Embryoscope
  • PGT-A
  • Assisted hatching
  • Embryo/gamete freezing
  • MACS
  • Fertile Chip
  • Spermmobil
  • ERA
  • EndomeTRIO
  • Time-lapse
  • NGS-based preconception testing.

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Waiting room at Repromeda clinic

Repromeda IVF Costs 2022

  • IUI (intrauterine insemination) – EUR 180
  • AID (artificial insemination with donor) – EUR 580.

IVF with Own Eggs

The cost of IVF treatment using own eggs is very low at only EUR 2,400. This includes STD, blood type, AMH, HP tests, spermiogram, initial consultation, ICSI, complete embryo care, one embryo transfer, and cryopreservation of 8 embryos for a year.

IVF with Donor Eggs

The clinic offers different packages for egg donation treatment. Egg Donation Easy package costs EUR 4,900 and it includes:

  • all oocytes from the donor
  • 2 guaranteed embryos on Day 5
  • first medical consultation
  • program qualification tests for a man and a woman
  • donor’s medications and other costs
  • sperm freezing before the program
  • donor genetic screening (e.g. CGT, Recombine)
  • ICSI
  • Blastocyst culture (embryo development till day 5)
  • embryo transfer
  • MACS, IMSI, PICSI, Assisted hatching, Embryoglue
  • embryo monitoring
  • donor sperm
  • FET – frozen embryo transfer.

The clinic does not offer an egg-sharing option. Donor sperm costs EUR 240 and each consecutive frozen embryo transfer costs EUR 340. As for additional services, acupuncture may be provided for patients before and after the embryo transfer at the clinic.

Refund Package (Money back guarantee):

Guarantee Program No. 1 - 14500 EUR
Refund is guaranteed if the program does not end with the desired result.
Refund amount: 100% if live birth is not achieved
No. of IVF cycles included: 3 complete cycle(s)
Program qualification is necessary. Please ask the clinic for details.

IVF All inclusive Plus - 17000 EUR
Refund is guaranteed if the program does not end with the desired result.
Refund amount: 100% if live birth is not achieved
No. of IVF cycles included: 3 complete cycle(s)
Program qualification is necessary. Please ask the clinic for details.

Use our IVF Cost Calculator to help work out costs.

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IVF lab at Repromeda

Repromeda IVF Success Rates 2020

The overall clinical pregnancy success rate for IVF with own eggs in 2020 was 49%. The breakdown per patient’s age was as follows:

  • under 35 years old – 55%
  • 35-40 years old – 46%
  • over 40 years old – 27%.

The egg donation clinical pregnancy rate was 57 % for fresh oocytes and 59 % for frozen oocytes. The frozen embryo clinical pregnancy rate was 55% and the embryo donation clinical pregnancy rate was 66%. The reproductive specialists at Repromeda recommend and practice embryo transfer on day 5. In 2020, the average number of embryos transferred was 1 and the multiple birth rate was, therefore, only 1.002%.

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Who Attends?

Of the people who attend Repromeda, 60% are from the Czech Republic, 5% from Italy, 5% from the UK, 5% from Germany, 10% from Austria, 5% from Poland, and 10% constitute other nationalities.

From the clinic

At Repromeda, our goal is to help more and more couples. The slogan that we follow in our work is: “We are helping to start a family”. In addition to a high level of professionalism we pay attention to intimacy, patient-oriented approach, warmth and everything else that can facilitate your visit to our clinic. We are aware that infertility treatment is highly emotionally demanding and we will do everything to make it the least burdensome and to take you to the desired goal in the shortest time.

Clinic Location

The clinic is located 15 minutes by car, taxi or by public transport from the Brno city centre. Airport pickup/hotel pickup is included in the advanced egg donation packages. The airports that patients can fly to are as follows:

  • Brno airport
  • Bratislava airport – 140 km
  • Vienna airport – 190 km
  • Prague airport – 220 km.

The clinic has special arrangements with local hotels and can offer a range of accommodation options from 4-star hotels right through to rental apartments. The hotels are usually within a 5-15 minutes drive from the clinic.

By Dorothy Walas

Basic information about treatment restrictions at Repromeda s.r.o..

Maximum age of the woman:49
Single woman: not allowed
Lesbian couples: not allowed
HIV positive patients: allowed
HIV positive patients (male): allowed
HCV/HBV positive patients: allowed
HCV/HBV positive patients (male): allowed

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