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Package cost

IVF €2900

Egg donation €5300

Saint Lazar Maternity Hospital is located in Sofia in Bulgaria. It offers fertility treatments as well as a range of gynaecological and maternity treatments. It was opened in 1999 and is private. They performed 180 fertility treatments in 2017 with 70% of these being IVF/ICSI/IMSI using own eggs. It is an independent building which has an embryology laboratory, clinical laboratory, stem cell bank and a donor sperm and egg bank. There are 15 single bedrooms all ensuite.

The Medical Director is Dr. Tiyana Nikolova who is qualified in obstetrics and gynaecology. There is a team of 20 doctors at Saint Lazar’s and two embryologists. The senior embryologist has 10 years’ of experience and is a member of ESHRE.  There is an international team to help overseas patients with translation and most of the staff speak fluent English.

Like other Bulgarian IVF clinics, Saint Lazar has been licenced by the Ministry of Health.

Saint Lazar Maternity Treatments

Egg donation
Embryo donation
Donor sperm
Assisted Hatching
Egg freezing
Sperm freezing
Embryo freezing

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Cost of Fertility Treatments at Saint Lazar Maternity

The advertised price of egg donation treatment is 5300 Euros. Included in this price is:

  • First consultation and medical history review
  • Donors testing and stimulation, compensation and egg retrieval
  • Sperm freezing
  • Cultivation to the blastocyst stage
  • Assisted hatching
  • Embryo transfer


The advertised price of IVF using own eggs is 2900 Euros. Included in this price is:

  • First consultation medical history review
  • All scans, semen analysis, blood tests, egg retrieval using anaesthesia, hospital stay
  • Sperm freezing
  • Cultivation to the blastocyst stage
  • Assisted hatching
  • Embryo transfer

Medication is not included neither is embryo freezing which costs 150 Euros per two embryos.

There is no egg sharing at this clinic. Find out more about costs using our IVF Cost Calculator.

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Success Rates 2017

The clinical pregnancy rate for egg donation treatment was 37.6%.

The clinical pregnancy rate for IVF using own eggs was:

Under 35 years: 57%

35-40 years: 35.5%

Over 40 years: 7.5%

The frozen embryo clinical pregnancy rate was 42.3%.

The embryo donation pregnancy clinical rate was 49%.

The preferred day of transfer is blastocyst stage. The multiple pregnancy rate was 24%.  An average of 2 embryos is transferred during each embryo transfer.

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Who Attends?

On an annual basis the percentage of foreign patients is as follows: 35% Italy, 25% UK, 22% Romania, 15% Greece, 3% USA and Canada.

From the staff

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Saint Lazar Maternity Hospital is located in Sofia, Bulgaria and was founded in 1999 as the first private ob-gyn hospital in Bulgaria. Almost 20 years later and several successfully completed renovation projects we can offer full range of medical care related to maternal and child health – fully equipped IVF lab, hi-tech pregnancy monitoring, individual approach to birth and labour, paediatric office and own stem cells bank which was founded in 2005. Our hospital is in a long-term partnership with many of the diplomatic missions in Sofia such as Embassy of Norway, Embassy of Belgium, Embassy of Libya, Embassy of Russia etc. Our patients are treated with great attention and personal attitude 24/7 and our kind medical staff is always ready to assist. We believe that our patients deserve the best and we are here to provide it.


Clinic Location

The hospital has a city centre location and has good transport links with local buses. They have a partnership with a local hotel and the staff can provide details.

By Aleksander Wiecki

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I'm single and 43 with PCOS. Price has been the biggest barrier for me and I already knew that I wasn't going to be treated in Canada or the USA. I spent years looking for a cheaper alternative as I wasn't prepared to go into huge debt in order to swallow the 14,000$ price tag in Canada for one round of treatment. It makes me angry that I was forced to go abroad for treatment and I question why the clinics at home charge so much. In the end, things went better than I expected and three embryos were transferred yesterday so, I remain optimistic and hopeful. Dr Lachev, God Bless him, he didn't hold back on the meds and I felt him and his team were doing everything in their power to achieve the impossible. I have PCOS and no shortage of eggs. They got 15 eggs and only six fertilized which really, is an indication of the poorer quality of the eggs because of my age. I could have gone the donor egg route but personally felt that I still wanted to try with my own first since, I still have lots of them. No regrets at all :)