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Package cost

IVF €5200

Egg donation €8000

Basic information about treatment restrictions at the ISIS clinic.

Maximum age of the woman: 50
Single woman: allowed ONLY after approval by the Ministry of Health
Lesbian couples: not allowed
HIV positive patients: not allowed
HCV/HBV positive patients: HCV – not allowed, HBV – allowed

The ISIS clinic is located in Nicosia city centre in Cyprus (in the Greek side of the city). It was opened in 2009 and treats private patients only. The total number of treatment cycles undertaken in 2017 was 550 and 94 % of these were IVF treatment cycles.

The ISIS clinic is located in a custom designed building and is furnished with state of the art technology.  It was designed by embryology laboratory designers to ensure a well thought out and efficient working environment.  It has a laboratory which is connected to a dedicated egg collection and recovery room. There is also a separate cryo storage facility. There are two fully-equipped theatres utilising the latest technology in operating tables, operating lighting, anaesthesia stations and monitoring. One of the theatre rooms is custom-built for laparoscopic work, one of the clinic’s strongest assets. There are 10 ensuite recovery rooms.

The medical director is Dr Andreas Mavrides, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist. He studied and trained in the UK and graduated from Guy’s and St Thomas’ School of Medicine, London, in 1996. He has worked in many hospitals throughout his career including the Sheffield Fertility Unit, the Reproductive Unit of Hammersmith Hospital in London and St George’s Hospital in London. He is a member of the British Fertility Society (BFS) and the European Society of Human Reproduction and Endocrinology (ESHRE).

There are three doctors who work in this clinic and five embryologists. Their embryologists are highly experienced dedicated to furthering the science of successful fertility treatments. All staff are fluent in both English and Greek. One of the consultants is also fluent in Hebrew. All nurses are fluent in Greek, Russian and English. One nurse is also fluent in Italian.

The ISIS Clinic is currently applying for ISO accreditation. It is accredited by the Cyprus Ministry of Health and complies with all EU Tissue Directives since the clinic is located within the European Union. The clinic undergoes annual inspections by the relevant government body and its licence is renewed by the Ministry every two years following an inspection.


The ISIS Clinic Treatments

Egg donation
Donor sperm
Embryo donation
Assisted Hatching
Embryo freezing
Sperm/Egg freezing

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Cost of Treatments

The advertised price of egg donation treatment is 8000 Euros. This includes donor stimulation and monitoring, egg collection, ICSI, blastocyst culture and a backup sperm freeze. All embryo freezing (vitrification) regardless of total number, the first embryo transfer whether fresh or frozen, and the first years annual storage for all frozen embryos is also included. The first consultation is free for international patients.

Sperm freezing costs 300 Euros including first year’s annual storage (200 per annum).

The cost of IVF/ICSI treatment is 5,200 Euros. This includes sedation, egg collection, ICSI and blastocyst culture. Embryo transfer and embryo freezing is included.

Use our IVF Cost Calculator to help understand costs at IVF clinics abroad.

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ISIS Clinic Success Rates 2015

The clinic’s success rates are as follows:

Egg donation:

Fresh embryo transfer clinical pregnancy rate: 80%

Frozen embryo transfer rate: 72%.

IVF using own eggs:

Fresh embryo transfer clinical pregnancy rate: 62%

Frozen embryo transfer clincal pregnancy rate: 72%

Embryo donation

Clinical pregnancy rate is 100%

There is no egg sharing at the clinic as it is not legal in this part of Cyprus.

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Who Attends?

80% of the people attending this clinic are local Greek Cypriot, 5% are Turkish Cypriot and 15% are international (UK, Italian, Australian, etc.)


From the clinic

‘We are a leading provider of fertility treatment routinely offering exclusive blastocyst culture and biopsy. Our pregnancy rate is currently 62% (>double the international average) and 74% with frozen embryos (> triple the international average). Our success rates allow us to offer an IVF refund program which guarantees blastocyst formation or else up to 100%* of your cycle fees are refunded. This offers peace of mind and major savings without having to compromise top quality treatment. With us you will have access to the most advanced science and the very best chance of having a baby.’


*cancellation fees apply for own egg treatment.

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