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Package cost

IVF €4454

Egg donation €5934

VITA Reproductive Medicine is a fertility clinic located in the Hospital IMED Levante just outside Benidorm in south east Spain. It was established in 2012 and is a private fertility clinic. In 2015, the number of treatment cycles was 150 but this has increased significantly in 2016. 50% of these cycles are for donor egg treatment. VITA promotes itself as a small, personal IVF clinic where the team know each patient very well.

VITA Reproductive Medicine is part of a hospital complex (IMED) and therefore the IVF clinic has the full back up of hospital facilities. IMED Levante is an international hospital and there is another supporting clinic at the Hospital IMED Elche, near Alicante airport. VITA has six theatres to use since it is part of the hospital and there is one IVF laboratory. The recovery room is a single en-suite room. The medical director is Dr. Antonio Moya supported by Dr Jose Manuel Lozano. Dr Moya has over 15 years’ experience of being a fertility specialist through working in other clinics. The embryologist is María Angeles Carracedo Caballero who is ESHRE accredited and has previously worked in two other well-known IVF clinics. As well as the nurses, there is an International Team who liaises with the patients throughout their treatment. The team speak English fluently as well as Dutch, French, Norwegian, Swedish, German and Russian.

The clinic has ISO accreditation ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

VITA Reproductive clinic lab

VITA Reproductive Fertility Treatments

Egg donation
Donor sperm
Embryo donation
Assisted Hatching
Embryo freezing
Sperm/Egg freezing
ERA test (Endometrial Receptivity Analysis)
MACS (Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting)
ROPA or Shared Motherhood – this treatment is aimed at lesbian married couples. In this case, one female partner undergoes ovarian stimulation and donates her eggs to her married female partner. After IVF with donor sperm, the fertilised embryos are transferred into the non-donating partner who carries the child until birth. If the couple are not married, this shared motherhood is not possible due to the laws on donor anonymity in Spain.

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Vita Reproductive medicine laboratory

Fertility Treatment Cost

Egg Donation Treatment Cost

The advertised cost of egg donation treatment is 5934 Euros. This includes the egg donor’s stimulation medication but not the recipients (which costs about 200 euros). This price also includes ICSI and assisted hatching. The cost of the embryo culture to blastocyst stage is included too and the first consultation is free and also includes an ultrasound scan. The cost of sperm freezing is 375 Euros which includes the 1st year’s maintenance, thereafter it is 375 Euros per year. The cost of freezing surplus embryos is 506 Euros for the first year and then 375 Euros for each subsequent year.

There is no egg sharing option. The policy is one donor, one recipient with a guarantee of a minimum 8 mature eggs.

IVF Using Own Eggs Cost

The advertised price of IVF is 4454 Euros. This includes:

  • Initial consultation: Fertility consultation + pelvic ultrasound scan + medical report
  • Ovulation induction: All ultrasound assessments during treatment cycle
  • Sedation fee
  • Transvaginal oocyte retrieval under ultrasound guidance
  • Recovery in a single room after the egg retrieval
  • Sperm preparation and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
  • Assisted hatching (if necessary)
  • Extended in vitro culture to day 5 and blastocyst transfer (if necessary)
  • Embryo transfer in operating theatre
  • Quantitative beta HCG (β-hCG)(all necessary) and pregnancy scan if done at the clinic

This does not include the stimulation medication (which costs about 1000 Euros), the tests required before treatment or embryo freezing of surplus embryos.

The cost of a frozen embryo transfer is 1196 Euros.

The advertised cost of Shared Motherhood treatment (ROPA) is 5336 Euros plus medication for both partners (this amounts to aproximately 1200 Euros). Additionally, there will be tests required to begin treatment.

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Use our IVF Cost Calculator to help understand the costs involved in fertility treatment abroad.


VITA Reproductive Medicine Success Rates 2015

For egg donation, the clinical pregnancy rate is 65%. The cumulative pregnancy rate (a fresh cycle followed by 1 or more frozen cycles with the surplus embryos if available) is 85%.

The IVF clinical pregnancy rate using own eggs is dependent on age of the woman undergoing treatment and is between 30-50%.

The frozen embryo clinical pregnancy rate is 45%.

The embryo donation clinical pregnancy rate is 45%.

The clinic reports their success rates to the Spanish Fertility Society – SEF. The multiple birth rate is 20% and the average number of embryos transferred was 1.8.  The preferred day of embryo transfer is on an individual basis.

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Who attends?

The nationalities who attend VITA for fertility treatment are: 60% Spanish, 30% UK, 5% Norwegian and 5% from other countries.


From the staff

VITA Reproductive Medicine staff

VITA Reproductive Medicine clinic is integrated within the IMED hospital group offering the confidence and security of being located within a hospital environment. VITA offers a very close and personalised service supported by a multilingual patient assistant team and a multidisciplinary team of professionals. VITA can provide offer all types of treatments to suit your needs including our shared motherhood programme and with the added advantage that egg donation in Spain is totally anonymous.


Clinic Location

The clinic is 35 minutes from Benidorm. Alicante in Spain is the closest airport with bus links direct from the airport to the resort. The clinic offers free transport from Alicante airport to the hospital.


By Aleksander Wiecki

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An interview with the staff of Vita Reproductive Medicicne

Read the staff interview

Given that any woman is obsessed with fertility problems and every passing month is a nightmare, I am infinitely grateful to the Reproductive Medicine Unit of Hospital IMED.

The bitter struggle that women suffer, which sometimes leaves you considering giving up for good, ended the day I attended your consultation via Skype. From the first moment you transmitted a security and confidence that opened my eyes and I knew that with you I would succeed.

And this was the case, as today I find myself pregnant with my little Sophie !!

Isabella Price

From the age of 27 I suffered very severe pains during my period. Finally I was diagnosed with endometriosis and my fallopian tubes had to be removed. For a moment my life no longer made sense and thought I would never be able to have children. Luckily at one of my visits to the gynecologist, he told me about the possibilities that existed within reproductive medicine.

I went to several centers in London, but none of them gave me enough confidence, so I decided to contact international clinics. IMED Hospitals in Spain and Dr. Antonio Moya inspired the confidence I needed.

With IMED everything was bearable; I was informed at all times about both the good and the bad. Finally I had an IVF treatment and I got seven eggs of which 5 were fertilized 2 were put back!! Now we only have to wait until our child is born.