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Are you considering IVF treatment abroad? Finding the best IVF clinic for your particular infertility needs can be difficult. Whether you’re looking for clinics which perform IVF techniques such as ICSI, IMSI or PGD, or are looking for a clinic with lots of experience of egg donation, we can help you find one.

Our website has unique information about the top IVF clinics in Europe and the world. We aim to help you understand more about travelling abroad for fertility treatment.

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We strive to ensure that each fertility clinic listed on our site has the best and most relevant information for you. We present each fertility clinic in the same way – unbiased and easy-to-read – making it easier for you to compare one clinic with another.

More and more people are travelling abroad each year for IVF treatment. It is usually cheaper and waiting lists are non-existent particularly for egg donation clinics.  But we understand that it is really difficult to make the right choice of clinic. There’s so many to choose from.

We hope our website can help you with choosing the best one for you.

So if you are seeking IVF treatment abroad – in Europe and the world, we can help you.

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Featured IVF clinics

Unica Clinics – Prague and Brno

UNICA clinic in Brno was established in 1991. It was the first European private clinic associated with the North American... read more

emBIO Medical Center

emBIO clinic is located in Chalandri, Greece, in proximity to the city centre. The clinic opened in 1996 and since... read more

Clinica Tambre Madrid

Clínica Tambre is a pioneering medical-surgical centre specialised in gynaecology and fertility located in the heart of Madrid. It was... read more

Instituto Bernabeu

The Instituto Bernabeu – Alicante was established in 1985 and is a private clinic. In 2022, they performed 5,708 treatment cycles including... read more

UR Vistahermosa

More than 35 years of nurturing life… The fertility clinic UR Vistahermosa is located in Alicante in Spain. This is... read more


Reproclinic is a fertility clinic located in central Barcelona in Spain. Reproclinic is a fertility clinic located in central Barcelona... read more

Egg Donation Success Rates

Why do IVF and egg donation success rates seem higher abroad? Egg donation rates are usually quoted at around 50-60%.

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