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Package cost

IVF €3100

Egg donation €5700

Basic information about IVF treatment at Pelargos IVF Medical Group.

Maximum age of the woman: 54
Single woman: allowed
Lesbian couples: allowed
HIV positive patients (female): not allowed
HIV positive patients (male): not allowed
HCV/HBV positive patients (female): allowed
HCV/HBV positive patients (male): allowed

Pelargos IVF  is a medical group based in Athens, Greece, that was opened in 2015. Their aim to provide completely personalised treatments for Greek and overseas patients where every single couple talks to one fertility specialist from a specific IVF clinic.

Pelargos IVF offers top-quality fertility treatments at the best cooperating IVF clinics in Greece. They mainly specialize in subfertility, IVF with own oocytes, egg donation and surrogacy. Patients are offered thorough online or face-to-face-consultations. If you’re looking for an egg/sperm donor, Pelargos IVF team can help and match you with a suitable donor, through their collaborating IVF Centers. For the surrogacy journey, patients can benefit from assistance in terms of the legal aspects of this process. Pelargos IVF group also offers advanced gynecological minimal access surgery, low or high-risk pregnancy monitoring, normal deliveries or C-sections, and has access to top private maternity hospitals in Athens. The staff speaks English and also offers interpreting services on demand.

Thanks to Pelargos, in 2020, 127 treatment cycles were performed for patients, of which 53.5% were egg donation cycles and 46.5% were cycles with own oocytes. The centre accepts single women, lesbian couples and HCV/HBV female patients who are donor egg recipients and have negative viral load. Male same-sex couples are not accepted as Greek law doesn’t allow it. According to Greek IVF legislation, IVF/egg donation treatment is available to women up to the age of 54. Still, women above the age of 50 need additional qualification. If you’re aged 50-54, in order to be approved for treatment at Pelargos IVF, you would need to provide:

  • a letter from a gynecologist translated to Greek – Pelargos IVF can provide it.
  • a letter from a cardiologist translated to Greek – this can be provided in Athens or patients can bring the letter from their home country.
  • a letter from the breast doctor translated to Greek – again this can be provided in Athens or patients can bring the letter from their home country.
  • an application to the Greek National Authority of Assisted Reproduction.

Patients can expect the decision usually in a month.

Pelargos Medical Team

Pelargos Medical Group is run by Harry Karpouzis, MD, MRCOG, who has 11 years of full-time consultant experience in the field of fertility. Dr. Karpouzis is an experienced obstetrician and gynecologist, fully trained in the UK. He specializes in assisted conception and minimal access surgery. He is a British Fertility Society accredited specialist. Dr. Karpouzis works with 5 fertility specialists and various embryologists in cooperating IVF centres in Greece where the actual treatments take place. These are the Institute of Life Fertility Center in Athens, Genesis IVF in Athens and Iakentro in Athens.

Dr Harry Karpouzis

Harry Karpouzis, MD, MRCOG

This group of partner clinics aims to provide personalised, all-inclusive, no hidden costs, low or high-end services to people seeking IVF, egg donation, surrogacy or gynecological/obstetrics private treatments in Greece. The entire team of specialists at the cooperating clinics includes hematologist, an endocrinologist, a urologist, an aesthetic dermatologist specialising in aesthetic gynecology, a psychologist, a collaborating acupuncturist, a personal trainer and a yoga & shiatsu practitioner. All of them based in Athens for your convenience. There is also along with a clinical dietician based in London, are valuable members of our team. There are six specialists, three fertility doctors available and numerous embryologists in cooperating IVF centers. At the Institute of Life only there are four senior and six junior embryologists.

At Pelargos IVF patients can also benefit from the assistance of interpreters on-demand and medical tourism facilitator/concierge.  They also work with both private and NHS GPs in London – very useful if you need your initial blood tests or sperm analysis done in the UK.

Pelargos IVF Medical Group

Pelargos Treatment Options

The following treatments are available at the clinics cooperating with Pelargos IVF Medical Group:

  • IUI (intrauterine insemination) and AID (artificial insemination with donor)
  • Egg donation
  • Donor sperm
  • Embryo donation
  • PGT-A
  • Assisted Hatching
  • Embryo freezing
  • Sperm/Egg freezing
  • Embryoglue
  • Minimal access surgery

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IVF Treatment Cost at Pelargos IVF Medical Group

If you and your partner have no contraindications to undergo IUI (intrauterine insemination), you can have this basic treatment at Pelargos IVF at the cost of EUR 500. If you are a single woman and wish to become a solo mum, you can try AID (artificial insemination with donor sperm) at the cost of EUR 800-850 (donor sperm costs around EUR 300-350 and is included in this price). The cost of medication is not included in these prices.

IVF with own eggs

If you qualify for IVF treatment using your own oocytes, the cost of IVF is EUR 3,100. This program includes:

  • ICSI
  • egg collection
  • embryo transfer
  • ultrasounds in Athens
  • sedation
  • blastocyst culture
  • freezing for 1 year.

Egg Donation

Pelargos IVF and cooperating clinics offer an egg donation program at the price of EUR 5,700. This program includes the following:

  • egg donor stimulation
  • egg donor fee
  • donor medication
  • ICSI
  • blastocyst culture
  • egg collection
  • Embryoscope
  • embryo transfer
  • freezing the eggs and storage for 1 year.

The cost of the first consultation is EUR 80 and this amount is deductible once the treatment commences. The cost of sperm freezing is EUR 100. The cost of vitrification of eggs/embryos is EUR 400 for the first year. After the first year, there is an annual fee for embryo freezing of EUR 180+VAT. If you are interested in frozen embryo transfer, this is EUR 900.

The cost of PGT-A at Pelargos is EUR 700 for a biopsy and EUR 230 per blastocyst biopsied (NGS).

The cost of egg freezing is EUR 1,900 all-inclusive plus the cost of medication. This price also includes the first-year storage. The annual storage fee after a year is EUR 230/annually.

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Pelargos Success Rates 2020

The egg donation clinical pregnancy rate in 2020 was 76% and the IVF with own eggs clinical pregnancy success rate was 60%. The IVF with own eggs clinical pregnancy rate with a breakdown per recipient’s age is as follows:

  • under 35 years of age – 74%
  • 35-40 years old – 63%
  • above the age of 40 – 43%.

The frozen embryo (from own eggs) clinical pregnancy rate in 2020 was 61% and the rate for embryo donation was 77%.

The embryologists at the clinics cooperating with Pelargos IVF recommend transferring embryos on day 5. The average number of embryos transferred was two which makes the multiple birth rate 19.5%.

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Pelargos IVF Medical Group

Who Attends?

Pelargos IVF is visited by patients from various countries in the world. 55% of patients come from Greece, 22% from the UK, 23% from the rest of the world (the USA, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Nigeria, UAE, Australia).

From the staff

Pelargos IVF is a boutique fertility clinic/medical group. We aim to provide completely personalised treatments, where every single couple talks to one fertility specialist. We create tailor-made IVF protocols. We specialize in endometriosis, PCOS and recurrent implantation faillures. We deal with egg donation and surrogacy. We are a medical group of doctors specializing in assisted conception and infertility (assisted conception specialist, haematologist, psychologist, urologist, endocrinologist, dietician). This way we deal with the fertility issue in a completely holistic way. We also have a free concierge service for couples coming from abroad. We believe that the secret behind the IVF success is hidden in dealing with each case like it is a unique one. IVF/egg donation treatments take place in the cooperating IVF centers (Institute of Life Fertility Specialist Center, Genesis IVF Center , Iakentro IVF Center) which are highly experienced labaratories in Athens.

Clinic Location

Pelargos IVF is located at Skofya 60A, Kolonaki, Athens, 10680 Greece. From the airport, it is a 30-minute drive by taxi. The tube is within 8-minute distance. Pelargos offers airport pick-up for EUR30 and has deals with hotels nearby.

Pelargos IVF Medical Group

By Dorothy Walas

Basic information about treatment restrictions at Pelargos IVF Medical Group.

Maximum age of the woman:54
Single woman: allowed
Lesbian couples: allowed
HIV positive patients: not allowed
HIV positive patients (male): not allowed
HCV/HBV positive patients: allowed
HCV/HBV positive patients (male): allowed

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