Interview with staff of Arleta IVF Czech Republic

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drjiri dolezal

Dr Drjiri Dolezal

Tom Arleta IVF

Tom Adamov

In this interview we talk to the Medical Director of Arleta IVF, Dr Jiri Dolezal, about treatment options in his clinic. We also speak with Tomas Adamov who is the manager of the foreign department, based in London, whose role is to organise and coordinate fertility treatment for foreign clients.

Can you tell us a little more about Arleta IVF fertility clinic? For example, what does it specialise in? Who would it be most suitable for?

Arleta IVF is a private fertility clinic specialising in IVF treatment with donated or own oocytes. We focus on the treatment of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss and family planning among couples with a problematic genetic history. Unlike other clinics of assisted reproduction, we take care of women with high-risk pregnancy until birth. During the pregnancy we are able to provide prenatal screening.

What kind of support is available for people who are travelling from abroad for treatment at Arleta IVF?

We offer 3 different packages to meet different client’s needs and wishes. Every package includes complete medical treatment with all necessary tests and procedures.

Most comprehensive is the Ultra All Inclusive Package, which includes apart the complete medical treatment also accommodation, transportation and air tickets for 2 visits, so clients don’t have to arrange literally anything.

Most popular is All Inclusive Package where just air tickets are excluded while all other services are the same, ie. completely arranged treatment so foreign clients enjoy personal assistance, care and support.

For clients who prefer to arrange visits on their own Medical Package is offered.

I see that Arleta IVF undertakes a lot of IVF cycles compared to donor egg cycles. Do you have much success with older women being treated using their own eggs?

Rarely do we stimulate women over 43 years. Personally I think that countries where there are restrictions on donor oocytes have more experience with stimulation in this age group.

Recently, however, we have been successful in that women’s group, using special treatments starting three months before an actual stimulation. Our success rates show we are heading the right way.

What expertise does Arleta IVF offer compared to other IVF clinics in the Czech Republic?

We provide comprehensive diagnostics for men and women such as DNA fragmentation of sperm or mini-hysteroscopy. We consider mini-hysteroscopy an important examination in infertility diagnostics – mainly for an explanation of previous failures.

This method we enrich with selective transcervical tubal catheterization, so that during one visit we get all necessary information about cervical canal, uterine cavity, oviducts and abdominal cavity as well. Performing mini-hysteroscopy with biopsy and selective tubal flushing of Fallopian tubes increases the future success in an IVF cycle.

What is the procedure for people who want to attend Arleta IVF from abroad? How many trips do they have to make if they want to undergo IVF using their own eggs?

It is very easy, clients just fill in a questionnaire and, after a suitable date is agreed, we take care of the rest, according to the chosen package. Two visits to the Czech Republic are usually needed.

On the first trip clients usually arrive to visit the clinic and speak to the specialists. Medical history is taken, all necessary examinations and test are performed and we provide clients with medication. In most cases partner’s sperm is collected, too. Even though IVF treatment can’t be performed in a rush, to minimize client’s days off we usually plan client’s arrival on Sunday evening and on Monday evening clients can leave, so we could talk about 1 day visit.

After hormonal stimulation at home clients arrive for the second visit – for the embryo transfer. If it is the Egg Donation Program the second visit usually lasts the same as first visit, ie.1-2 days. If it is the IVF with own oocytes 2nd visit is a bit longer, due to necessity of embryo cultivation and it usually takes 6-7 days.

Do you have a waiting list for treatment? If someone wanted to start with donor egg treatment, how long would they have to wait to start?

We don´t have any waiting list – we have got a unique on-line database of immediately available donors so clients can choose a potential donor.

Therefore, clients can start immediately. All we need is some basic information (questionnaire) and to find some suitable dates for the 1st visit which suits the clients.

Finally Arleta IVF clinic is outside of Prague, what advantages do you think this brings? For example is the cost of treatment cheaper?

Definitely our individual approach. We belong among smaller clinics based on excellent reputation.

We can’t afford to treat clients as numbers as big fertility centers often do. We guarantee treatment by the same doctor. The distance of 80 miles from Prague is not a serious obstacle, especially when the whole treatment is completely arranged.

Although our prices are very reasonable I wouldn’t say we are the cheapest. It would be a sign that we are not good. Our prices are primary fair and clear as we never hide any extras while price/quality rate is outstanding.

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