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Why choose Cyprus IVF Hospital?

Thanks to very liberal IVF regulations in North Cyprus, Cyprus IVF Hospital is a standout destination for many fertility patients. With the flexibility to provide IVF treatment to women up to the age of 55 and no age limit for men, the clinic caters to a diverse range of individuals, including unmarried couples and single women. However, female patients over 45 require special permission and additional medical exams. The option for Preimplantation Genetic Screening, including gender selection, adds an extra layer of personalization to the fertility journey.

At Cyprus IVF Hospital, patients benefit from personalized care tailored to individual needs and preferences. The clinic boasts high success rates, backed by a multilingual and experienced medical team. They speak English, German, French, Arabic, Persian, and Turkish. State-of-the-art technology and high-standard health-care facilities contribute to the clinic’s reputation for excellence in reproductive medicine. Moreover, the competitive prices, lower than the European average, make Cyprus IVF Hospital an attractive choice for those seeking top-notch fertility treatment without compromising on quality.

Beyond its medical offerings, Cyprus is rich in cultural heritage and tourist attractions, providing a welcoming backdrop for individuals undergoing IVF treatment. The easy travel options, including no visa requirements for many countries, make the journey to Cyprus convenient for international patients. With sunshine throughout the year, a holiday atmosphere, and beautiful coastlines, Cyprus IVF Hospital presents a unique opportunity for combining fertility treatment (which can be a challenging time) with a relaxing vacation, fostering a holistic and positive experience on your fertility journey.

Programme restrictions and qualification criteria

Programme Guarantees & Details

  • Liberal IVF regulations in North Cyprus allow women up to 55 to have IVF. However, patients who are 45+ need special permission and additional tests.
  • No age limit for male patients.
  • Unmarried couples and single women are accepted 
  • This program does not guarante mature eggs or embryos. The primary factors influencing achieving high-quality embryos include the fertility conditions of both the man and the woman, encompassing the woman’s age, egg quality, reserve, and the man’s sperm quality.
  • Embryo transfer of up to 3 embryos at one time. The number of embryos to transfer (1-3 embryos) depends on the quality of the embryos, the woman’s age, uterus receptivity, her health condition, the woman’s medical background (e.g. whether she has had any unsuccessful IVF cycles and/or miscarriages).

IVF programme with own eggs

at Cyprus IVF Hospital
  • Free first consultation
  • Single women and unmarried couples accepted
  • ICSI included
  • Assisted embryo hatching included
  • Free Embryoglue at first embryo transfer
  • Sperm washing and quality control
  • Embryo quality control until the blastocyst stage

Services & procedures included in the IVF programme and additional costs

  • First medical consultation and preparation included
  • Egg retrieval (OPU) included

    Ovum Pick-Up (OPU) is the procedure in which oocytes (egg cells) are aspirated from the follicles on the donor's ovaries. This process utilizes a needle guided by ultrasound, which collects the oocytes through vacuum suction.

  • Sperm collection included
  • Sperm washing and quality control included
  • Embryo creation included

    The egg(s) is fertilized by injecting a single sperm into the egg or mixing the egg with sperm in a petri dish.

  • Embryo quality control included

    Embryo quality control till the blastocyst stage. Embryo assessment by the embryologist.

  • First embryo transfer included

    (with up to 3 embryos)

  • ICSI included
  • Sperm freezing & storage €500/1st year

    €250 for each consecutive year of storage

  • Embryo freezing & storage €500/1st year

    €250 for each consecutive year of storage

  • FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) €1,250

    Consecutive transfers if there are remaining embryos.

  • Recipient's medication TBC

    The cost to be confirmed by the IVF specialist.

  • Qualification tests for woman/man TBC

    The cost for qualification tests depends on the individual patient case.

  • PGT-A - 5 chromosomes €2,000

    (13, 16, 18, 21, 22 or 13, 18, 21, X, Y) Up to 15 embryos.

  • PGT-A - 7 chromosomes €2,500

    (13, 16, 18, 21, 22, X, Y)

  • PGT-A - 9 chromosomes €2,750

    (13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, X, Y)

  • PGT-A (structural chromosomal abnormalities) on request
  • PGT-A - X chromosomal abnormalities (related sex-linked disorders) on request
  • PGT-M €4,000

    Monogenic Single Gene

  • NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) €400/embryo

    NGS is the latest evolutionary genetic analysis technology that allows embryologists to perform extensive chromosome scanning on the embryo.

  • aCGH (Array Comparative Genomic Hybdridization) on request

    aCGH is technology that allows comprehensive gen screening before the embryo transfer to help selection of appropriate embryos.

  • Sperm Sorting Chip €400

    The sperm sorting chip is designed for sorting sperm which have better morphology, genetic and physiologic quality from other dead or immature sperms.

  • Intralipid serum €75/per each serum

    Intralipid infusions have been reported to improve pregnancy rates with IVF, and reduce the miscarriage risk in selected patient groups.

  • Glutathione Treatment €150/per each serum

    Since a lack of glutathione can result in cellular defects, a deficiency may negatively impact any stage of the process, from sperm maturation, to fertilization, implantation, and early growth.

  • Embryoglue €400

    Embryoglue is included in the first embryo transfer. For consecutive transfers, it is €400.

Payment terms

A sum of EUR 2,000 must be paid at the latest on the egg collection date. The outstanding balance is due no later than the first transfer date. No refunds will be provided after the embryo transfer. If no embryos reach the 5th day (blastocyst stage), and thus no embryo transfer procedure occurs, the remaining amount of EUR 1,000 will not be charged.

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