Egg Donation Abroad

Lots of people are travelling for egg donation treatment abroad because there is a shortage of egg donors in the UK which leads to a long waiting time for treatment, or the anonymity of egg donors is important to them. Many IVF clinics in Europe have a lot of experience with egg donation, particularly with patients who travel overseas.

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If you are considering egg donation in

then we have outlined areas that may be important to think about before going ahead. The list is not exhaustive and for more information visit the Donor Conception Network’s website.

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IVF Refund Guarantee Programs with Donor Eggs

IVF refund guarantee programs are increasing in popularity – and why wouldn’t they be? They offer full (or partial) refunds in case of failure, while also allowing patients to plan their costs in minute detail! Really, though?

Read our detailed guide to IVF refund guarantee programs to learn more. Get answers to these questions:

  • What exactly is guaranteed?
  • How much does it really cost?
  • What are the pros and cons?
  • Is there any qualification involved?
  • Who exactly pays for these programs?
  • and finally: Is it the right option for me?
  • and more…

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Donor Egg Treatment in Europe: Anonymous Donors

The countries which we feature on this website all have a policy of anonymous donors. This means that there is practically no wait for egg donation treatment. This may sound like good news but it is wise to check that you have the right information about your potential donor before signing up for treatment abroad.

It is important to find out :

  • Where do the clinics get their donors from?
  • How do they look after the welfare of the donors?
  • How many times are they allowed to donate?
  • How rigorous is the screening?
  • How many donors are rejected who come forward?
  • What information can I have about my donor?
  • When can I find out this information?
  • Does the donor have children of her own?
  • What if I need a sibling for my child?
  • Is the donor sharing their eggs with another couple?

It is essential to know as much as possible because of the critical importance of this person to you.


IVF counselling abroadIf you are considering egg donation as a possible treatment then you will most likely have thought long and hard about the implications of this choice. In contrast to the UK, donors are anonymous in many countries. Therefore a child conceived by IVF through either a donor egg or sperm will never be able to trace their parentage. This may not be important right now but it may be when the child grows up and certain questions are raised about any genetic predispositions.

Proper and adequate counselling should be sought to work through the short and long term consequences of your treatment. Although some clinics in Europe do have a recognised psychologist, it can be the doctor who will discuss egg donation with you. This will be more from a medical point of view rather than considering any personal issues you may have.

Counselling is usually offered but is not mandatory for international patients. Also, whilst English is spoken throughout the popular IVF clinics in Europe, on some issues you may feel more comfortable talking to a professional counsellor at home.

Legal Issues

It is a good idea to consider taking out specialised fertility insurance. It is also wise to understand the legal implications of different overseas treatments. If you are considering transferring your frozen embryos back home after treatment, then there are various companies that can help ship them home safely.

The Donor Conception Network and the SEED – Sperm, Egg And Embryo Donation Trust are good places to get more information and support.

Need help choosing an IVF clinic abroad? Read about IVF abroad in the countries we feature.

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