Donor Egg Abroad? Countries to Consider

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IVF Bulgaria

IVF treatment in Bulgaria is an option

Browsing the internet you get a sense that there are lots more countries which offer donor egg treatment than ever before. In the past, Spain was usually the destination of choice in Europe because of its liberal fertility laws and familiarity. However, clinics from many countries in Europe, once considered inaccessible, are now reaching out to people beyond their borders.

IVF clinics in the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia and Bulgaria are cropping up and their prices are very competitive. I have talked extensively in other posts about egg donation in Spain, the Czech Republic and Greece, but what about other lesser known fertility destinations? Bulgaria is one country where there are many new IVF clinics looking abroad for potential patients. In Bulgaria the laws are pretty similar to the rest of Europe. Egg donation is anonymous, and there is an age restriction. But one notable difference is that close relatives (sisters and cousins) are allowed to donate to each other. In addition, egg donors are obliged to record their details with a government central authority. This means that clinics know how many times each woman has donated. This is not the case in many other countries in Europe where there is no central register and in theory egg donors can donate many times (in practise this probably doesn’t happen). Egg donors in Bulgaria are only allowed to have 5 children by law including their own. This register helps to enforce this law.

If you are considering fertility treatment abroad, the choice may be overwhelming and as more and more clinics open up the decision gets harder and harder. Finding unbiased reviews of clinics can be tricky and of course new IVF clinics may not have undertaken many treatment cycles to be able to publish full statistics. Lots of research is needed to ensure that you are comfortable with your decision.

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