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emBIO Medical Center - IVF Programme with own eggs

Embio IVF Center is acknowledged as one of Europe’s most experienced and successful fertility centers. Since 1996 it has helped more than 30,000 babies to be conceived. We successfully treat cases of female infertility other fertility centers may not consider (PCOS, advanced age, etc).

We provide the most effective male fertility treatments to solve all kinds of sperm problems. Our IVF success rates are constantly being improved using the most advanced assisted reproduction techniques, such as Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD/PGS). Donor sperm is available from our sperm bank with no waiting list.

Our international patients spend just a few days in Greece to have IVF treatment. They are monitored by their gynaecologist-obstetrician in collaboration with EmBIO’s fertility specialists. EmBIO boasts one of the largest teams of board-certified reproductive gynaecologists and embryologists, led by fertility expert Dr Thanos Paraschos. Each patient at EmBIO receives individualized fertility treatment enhancing her chance of getting pregnant.

EmBIO boasts the first donor egg pregnancy, the first IVM-vitrification, and the first birth from a frozen egg in Greece. You’ll have the best chances at IVF success even on your first try, thanks to our world-class IVF laboratory and our research program on the cutting edge of reproductive technologies.

Programme restrictions and qualification criteria

Programme indications

In Vitro fertilisation (IVF) is recommended in the following cases:

  • Obstruction of the fallopian tubes
  • Male factor that cannot be resolved with artificial insemination
  • Low ovarian reserve
  • Genetic diseases that require preimplantation evaluation
  • Previous insemination failure
  • Long-term sterility

IVF programme with own eggs

at emBIO Medical Centre
  • No waiting time
  • Treatment tailored to patient's needs
  • Maximum woman age - 54 years old

Services & procedures included in the IVF programme and additional costs

  • Online consultation with a doctor included

    Before the first visit, e.g. Skype, WhatsApp.

  • Initial consultation with fertility specialist included

    Qualification for an IVF programme at the clinic

  • Follow-up of the treatment in our clinic included

    (scans and estradiol blood tests)

  • Qualification tests for woman €100

    Basic qualification laboratory tests for woman

  • Qualification tests for partner €100

    Basic qualification laboratory tests for partner

  • Egg collection with anesthesia included

    (anesthesiologist and anesthesia expenses included)

  • Embryologist consultation included

    Consultation with an embryologist - before/after embryo transfer

  • Sperm analysis/test inluded
  • Sperm freezing before IVF program included
  • ICSI included

    if needed

  • Blastocyst culture €500

    embryo development till day 5th otherwise the embryo transfer will be held on day 3

  • Vitrification of (remaining) embryos €200
  • MACS included
  • IMSI €700
  • PICSI included
  • AH - assisted hatching €500
  • Embryo monitoring €500

    e.g. Embryoscope, TimeLapse or any other embryo monitoring system

  • Embryo Glue €600
  • PGT-A / (PGS) embryo biopsy €2,000

    Genetic embryo testing - chromosomes aneuploidies analysis. The price includes PGS and a biopsy.

  • ET - Embryo transfer €1,500
  • FET - frozen embryo transfer €1,700

    FET during next cycle if the first cycle failed and there are frozen embryos left

Payment terms

The 50% of payment is required before the egg collection and the remaining 50% before the embryo transfer. Cash or credit card payments are accepted.

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