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Ferticentro - IVF Programme with own eggs

Ferticentro is a reference clinic in the treatment of infertility in Portugal. The medical team led by Professor Isabel Torgal, one of the most experienced specialists in Reproductive Medicine in the country, has specialists in the areas of gynecology/obstetrics, urology and genetics, that address infertility cases in an integrated and complete way.

At Ferticentro, you can count on:

  • the most modern technology: the EmbryoScope, a state-of-the-art incubator that optimizes embryo culture conditions and allows for continuous observation and evaluation of embryos without manipulation;
  • total confidence with the RI Witness system, to assure the traceability of all gametes and embryos, and with the Log & Guard system, to monitor culture and storage parameters in our laboratories, in real-time, 24 hours a day and at all stages;
  • the clarity in the pricing policy from the beginning of the process, no surprises at the end of the treatment;
  • quality certified by independent entities, with NP EN ISO 9001 implemented since 2009;
  • permanent follow-up at all stages of your treatment, including transport and accommodation booking in English, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, or Spanish.

Programme restrictions and qualification criteria

Programme indications

In Vitro fertilisation (IVF) is recommended in the following cases:

  • Obstruction of the fallopian tubes
  • Male factor that cannot be resolved with artificial insemination
  • Low ovarian reserve
  • Genetic diseases that require preimplantation evaluation
  • Aged 38 or over
  • Previous insemination failure
  • Long-term sterility

Benefits of choosing Ferticentro:

  • Own dedicated coordinator in English, Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, or Spanish
  • Customized treatment protocols
  • Specialization in complicated cases, with international experience and success with patients from all over Europe
  • Deductible cost of the first online consultation.

IVF programme with own eggs

at Ferticentro
  • Clinical evaluation and proposal of the treatment protocol
  • All gynecological appointments
  • Sperm treatment (patient/donor)
  • Sperm cryopreservation (up to 3 months)
  • Ovarian puncture
  • ICSI, embryo culture using Embryoscope and embryo transfer
  • Embryo cryopreservation (up to 6 months)
  • Pregnancy confirmation and follow-up to the 8th week

Services & procedures included in the IVF programme and additional costs

  • Online consultation with a doctor €110

    Before the first visit, e.g. Skype, WhatsApp.

  • First medical consultation included

    Qualification for an IVF programme at the clinic

  • Qualification tests for woman on request

    Basic qualification laboratory tests for woman

  • Qualification tests for partner on request

    Basic qualification laboratory tests for partner

  • Embryologist consultation included

    Consultation with an embryologist - before/after embryo transfer

  • Sperm analysis/test €85
  • Sperm freezing before IVF program €500

    Includes 5 years' maintenance

  • ICSI included
  • Blastocyst culture included

    embryo development till day 5th otherwise the embryo transfer will be held on day 3

  • Vitrification of (remaining) embryos and storage €500

    Includes 3 years' maintenance

  • MACS not available
  • IMSI not available
  • PICSI €250
  • AH - assisted hatching included
  • Embryo monitoring included

    e.g. Embryoscope, TimeLapse or any other embryo monitoring system

  • Embryo Glue included
  • PGT-A (PGS) €790 (+ €360 per embryo analyzed)

    Genetic embryo testing - chromosomes aneuploidies analysis

  • PGT-A / (PGS) embryo biopsy €790 (+ €360 per embryo analyzed)

    Embryo biopsy before PGT-A testing

  • ET - Embryo transfer included
  • FET - frozen embryo transfer €1,290

    FET during next cycle if the first cycle failed and there are frozen embryos left

  • Sedation for embryo transfer €300

    if needed

  • Sperm donor (non-anonymous) €700
  • Medication €800-1,000
  • Transport and accommodation special package  €249 (from Oporto airport), €299 (from Lisbon airport)

    The price includes a private transfer from the airport (round-trip + 1 overnight accommodation in Riversuites Hotel, with breakfast included).

Payment terms

Down payment of €1,000 after the acceptance of the cost estimate + 1st tranche of €2,350 (on the day treatment begins) + 2nd tranche of €1,350 (one day prior to the oocyte pick-up). The costs referred to in section “additional costs” (not included in the total cost of the treatment) are paid on the same day the procedures are undertaken or hired. Payment can be done in cash or by debit card at our reception, or by international bank transfer.

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