Medical Tourism Conference & Workshop 2020 – Athens

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FCA Athens Jakub Medical Tourism Conference & Workshop 2020 – Athens

The 6th edition of the Annual Medical Tourism Conference & Workshop is going to take place in Athens, Greece, between 12-14 February 2020 and IVF Media Ltd. is the proud Media Partner of this event. The 3 days will be filled with presentations, panel discussions, and B2B power meetings. The conference will be followed by a B2B workshop. This event is dedicated to all organizations, businesses, and experts who are active in the medical tourism sector.

This event assists organizations in developing the best practices on how to excel in patient care and experience, destination development and stresses the importance of related industries, marketing strategies, and the role of new technologies in the medical tourism industry. The participants will have a chance to learn, exchange their views, and network with clinics, hospitals, digital health companies, facilitators, NGOs and governmental institutions that have an interest in facilitating patients travelling abroad for treatment such as egg donation or IVF.

 Medical Tourism Conference & Workshop 2020 – Athens, Aleksander Wiecki

IVF Media Ltd. at the Conference

During the event, the participants will have an opportunity to listen to the leading professionals and experts and find out how they are coping with the challenges in medical tourism. Among the 28 speakers, there will be also representatives of IVF Media Ltd. They are going to give a lecture on 13th February 2020, at 09:40-10:00.

  • Jakub Dejewski – CEO
  • Aleksander Wiecki – CMO

Our speakers will discuss the topic

“How to design and deliver an excellent experience for fertility patients?”

They will also aim to answer the questions:

• How to build the relationship before the patient’s first visit?
• Treatment process – how to handle it with care?
• Why post-treatment patient experience is so important?

Read more about the Annual Medical Tourism Conference & Workshop in Athens and see the full list of speakers.