The Endometriosis Summit 2021

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The Endometriosis Summit 2021

The Endometriosis Summit is March 5-7. These will be 3 days of patient-centered endometriosis education and it is ALL VIRTUAL!

The Endometriosis Summit — 5-7 March

Endo Summit 2021 is almost here. The organizers have curated a three-day endometriosis extravaganza. If you have endometriosis, if you love someone with endometriosis, if you treat someone with endometriosis, then this virtual conference is for you. The goal of the event is to put patients and practitioners on even footing to move endometriosis forward. This is a conference about the disease, for those who treat it and for those who have it.

We have three days jam-packed with:

  • The Endo Summit Surgery features a live moderated endometriosis surgery for all to watch and comment on in real-time while the surgery is happening. 25 of the top endometriosis specialists in the world will be present for panels on endometriosis surgical techniques. There will be a “Hot Seat” breakout room where practitioners can bring cases to be reviewed by our expert panels.
  • International Physiotherapist, Michelle Lyons, will begin Endo Summit Workshop with her interactive foray into Good Guts.
  • Donna Ciccia of Endometriosis Australia will explore what people with endometriosis might tell their younger self in her workshop and OOVA, a home ovulation tracker, will take their data and delve into why ovulation matters for health.
  • The Patient and Practitioner Town Meeting will be everything Endo Summit is about even in this virtual format. From exploring informed consent to hearing about laparoscopic sclerotherapy for endometrioma management to an in-depth panel on both painful sex and thoracic endometriosis there is something for everyone. Plus the famous yellow telephone booth and vendors to shop with!
  • Held in a custom-built platform, this is not your average day on Zoom. You will laugh, cry, move, and connect with others. You get 10 months of access to the recording which is perfect for our international audience.

The date or time doesn’t work for you? Don’t Worry. The platform will be open to ticket holders for 10 months! You can watch it in your own time, from the comfort of your own home. See the program and register for The Endometriosis Summit.

Individual Days available

It is time to unite as One Voice for Endometriosis Awareness Month. We are going to continue to push the boundaries of endometriosis and change the narrative for those with this disease, once and for all. If you have questions, get in touch with Sallie at