Fresh or frozen oocytes for your IVF with donor eggs? #IVFWebinars

Posted on February 22, 2019 in ,

Anybody who consider IVF treatment faces a lot of difficult decisions. Suddenly you need to find yourself in the vast new world of medicine. It’s not difficult to start to feel overwhelmed. It may seem as if you were discovering a whole new planet in the galaxy. And then at once, you need to know if frozen oocytes are better than fresh? A new question arises after the previous question. Is there any difference at all? How it affects your IVF cycle if it has any influence at all? And if so, does it mean that the success of your treatment depends on this decision? What are the advantages to choose frozen egg donation over fresh? Does it play any role in the process and enforces some other steps? Is it possible that by making this choice it will be easier for you as a patient or it has nothing to do with it at all? Is it related to the success rates? And so on, on and on…

To help you stop struggling and to provide you with all the facts from the reliable source we schedule a webinar on the topic: Fresh or frozen oocytes for your IVF with donor eggs? Is fresh bread better than the frozen one?
This time our expert is Dr Hana Visnova from IVF CUBE [Czech Republic]. Join us on the live event April 16, 8 PM [GMT].

Save your seat now!

All those complicated terms and medical matters are difficult to understand and what to say about execution. It may happen that diagnosis is uncertain, that recommendations are demanding and everybody repeats that the time, relaxation and patience are most desirable. And you don’t feel you have any time and patience. At all. Our webinars help you find the answers for all IVF questions you may have and you can ask these questions live during the live event.

In the first part of the webinar, Dr Hana Visnova will explain the medical background and reasons for and against fresh and frozen oocytes. Later in the Q&A session, you can ask the doctor a question to get rid of doubts and dispel myths related to this topic.