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In all IVF treatments, the most critical procedure is without any doubt the Embryo Transfer (ET). Therefore, specialists spend a lot of time seeking new techniques that will improve the implantation rates.

In 2003, a Danish laboratory started commercialising a special embryo transfer medium called EmbryoGlue. According to the developers of this medium, it has a proven implantation-enhancing effect. But what is it exactly?

EmbryoGlue has the composition of a rich blastocyst culture medium and also contains a high concentration of hyaluronan acid and recombinant human albumin. These components are used in order to mimic the conditions of the female womb as much as possible, hoping to improve this way implantation after embryo transfer. It contains all the nutrients and energy that an embryo needs to develop.

Investigators have found out that during a natural cycle, the synthesis of hyaluronan increases on the day of implantation. The day after, the hyaluronan levels decrease very rapidly. In conclusion, investigators found that hyaluronan plays an important role during implantation.

Does EmbryoGlue really help?

To determine if EmbryoGlue really improves implantation and pregnancy rates many studies have been done to women undergoing all different types of cycles (fresh or frozen embryo transfers with own eggs and also fresh and frozen donor oocyte recipients).

Though there are many different opinions, it seems that this special medium does not improve implantation or pregnancy rates. However, it did show that around 7% of the women who have suffered recurrent miscarriages finally achieved an ongoing pregnancy after using EmbryoGlue.

Is EmbryoGlue the answer for me?

Just like all the other complementary techniques, the best advice is to ask your medical team. Every patient is different and so your treatment plan should be written only after studying your particular case.


Thanks to Dr Daniela Cummins from IREMA IVF clinic in Spain for this insightful article. EmbryoGlue is available at many IVF clinics abroad including IREMA.