IVF Barbados

IVF Barbados

Barbados is a relatively small island located in the Caribbean. There is only one IVF clinic on Barbados. Due to the high standards it adheres to and the relatively low cost compared to the USA, it is a popular destination for IVF treatment abroad. If you were considering going abroad for IVF treatment then you may want to consider Barbados which has extremely tight regulations and laws in place to ensure quality and your safety.

Fertility Treatment in Barbados

Since there is only one fertility clinic in Barbados, the laws relate only to this one clinic.

Egg donation is both anonymous and non-anonymous in Barbados. The donors are screened for infectious diseases according to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) guidelines .

The age limit for egg donors is 18-34 years. For men there is no age limit. Donors can donate up to three times but more if it is a sibling cycle. Some of the donors may have come from overseas agencies and may have donated there also.

Information relating to the donor is available to recipients:

  • Family history
  • Hobbies, likes & dislikes
  • Hair colour
  • Education
  • Eye colour
  • Skin tone
  • Previous pregnancies
  • Blood group

IVF Laws Barbados

IVF laws Barbados

Barbados follows the same guidelines for IVF treatment as those of the HFEA in the UK.

Within Barbados:

  • Assisted reproduction is legally available to unmarried couples, single women and women-only couples.
  • The age limit for IVF treatment using own eggs and egg donation is 49 years.
  • Sex selection is not allowed for non-medical reasons.
  • Donation of egg and sperm can be anonymous or non-anonymous.
  • Surrogacy is not permitted.
  • HFEA guidelines are followed regarding the maximum number of embryos allowed to be transferred.
  • Egg freezing is permitted.


Safety and Quality for IVF Treatment in Barbados

The Barbados IVF clinic which we feature has been JCI accredited (Joint Commission International). JCI is the largest health care accreditor. All US clinics strive to attain this Gold Seal of Approval® which involves inspections and compliance with this stringent accreditation.

Barbados Medical Council issues the licence required to practice. Since there is only one fertility clinic on Barbados, there is no centralised body to send IVF results to.


By Aleksander Wiecki