Interview with Next Generation Clinic in Russia

If you are considering IVF Treatment in Russia, then this interview is a must.  Lobzeva Diana is a Fertility Specialist at Next Generation Clinic in Russia. Before moving to Next Generation Clinic she worked at Ava-Peter IVF clinic for 4 years. She’s a member of  Russian Association of Human Reproduction (RAHR), and the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). She participates regularly at international conferences.

Next Generation staff interview russia

Lobzeva Diana Fertility Specialist

Can you tell us why patients from abroad should visit your clinic and what makes it different from other clinics?

NGC clinic is a young but already a well-known clinic in Saint -Petersburg due to its progressive attitude to the process of treatment, experienced staff and a unique collaboration of genetics and reproduction which helps us to be pioneers in some very important fields of ART. It is not only a fertility clinic, it’s a fully modern equipped genetical laboratory, huge cryo bank and highly motivated professional team.

Your clinic offers both known AND anonymous sperm and egg donation. Since both types are allowed in Russia, is it possible for a patient from abroad to bring their own known donor to your clinic (e.g. sister/friend) and have treatment?

Yes, it’s possible, however own donors have to meet all donor’s characteristics and requirements (According to the legislation of RF)

People travelling abroad want to know that the clinic they attend follows all regulations and has high standards of care. How can you reassure them of this at your clinic?

We are more than happy to provide any patient with the full package of licenses the clinic has. We do follow all necessary Russian legislative regulations in field of ART, treatment standards and recommendations of ESHRE and ASRM. The high quality and standards are proved with internal and external audits which are regularly performed at the clinic.

The price of treatment at Next Generation Clinic is very affordable. Why can you offer treatments at such low costs compared  to other countries?

We are interested in promotion of the clinic and our services abroad. And yes we can afford our prices to stay as low as possible without loss in quality and effectiveness. Besides, the policy of the clinic is to keep the prices the same for procedures for RF citizens as for foreign patients.

How does the staff at the clinic keep up to date with new technologies and treatments?

Despite the fact that the staff of the clinic is quite young, most of specialists had already been working in ART before entering the NGC and had a very good experience in it.  All the staff has a regular updating of their professional skills attending worldwide conferences, seminars, workshops etc. We are proud of the possibility to share our experience with our colleagues that’s why NGC specialists usually perform masterclass on their own.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the donor database that you have?

Premium egg donor data base contains information about more than 200 egg donors and supplied with detailed egg donor’s profiles, their pictures in the age before 12 years old, handwritten essay and voices of all ladies. The whole bank has around 400 egg donors, and according to requirements of patients we are glad to provide as premium donors so as totally anonymous ones with the short and specific information like race, colours, biometric data, and blood type. Most of donors have their cryopreserved eggs in the cryobank

Finally, what should visitors to St Petersburg not miss when they are there?

They should definitely visit us in the white night season, to see majestic and breath-taking bridges, marvellous fountains, gorgeous palaces and squares, to taste a traditional Russian cuisine, to ride our own “fiakers” and feel the spirit of Peter the Great in each corner of the City. It’s worth to be seen at least once in life!

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