Interview with Dunya IVF Clinic in Cyprus

Dr Berk Dunya IVF

Dr Berk

We are pleased to interview Dr Berk who is the Medical Director of Dunya IVF clinic in Cyprus. Cyprus is very popular with people who travel abroad for IVF treatment due to its laws and low cost of treatment. You can find out more about IVF laws in Cyprus and much more in our section on IVF abroad.

Cyprus is a very popular destination for people seeking IVF treatment abroad. Can you tell us why they should come to your clinic and not elsewhere?

To begin with our clinic was established in 2008. Since that time we have performed lots of IVF cycles, the experience In the IVF field gave us opportunity to improve our services and achieve high success rates. As a Professional Medical Institution we always keep up-to-date our IVF technologies along with the professionalism of our team and IVF methods for achieving higher results. What is more important is the success of our patients and our desire to help people. Therefore we try to understand first the patient’s case and give honest recommendations and do everything we can for the best possible outcome. Apart from honesty and experience in the field we can point out another competitive advantage such as the speed and quality of our communication, flexibility, ability to solve difficulties, psychological support during the whole treatment and the last but not the least loyalty and desire to help people realize their most sacred dream to become a parent.

Can you tell us more about the egg donation program at your clinic? Where do you get your donors from, how are they chosen. Are there any guarantees in terms of the number of eggs a recipient can expect?

The Egg donation Program in our clinic is the most popular procedure and it has very high success rates. We have a very wide donor’s base, which we constantly update with different nationalities and ethnicities. The donors are passing through strict criteria to make sure they are healthy and fertile.

The donors are chosen from local citizens, non-Cyprus nationalities who currently live in Cyprus.

The egg donation programme is anonymous therefore we can’t share too much information about the donors, but we do make a very accurate match in every case.

Thanks to our strict criteria for choosing the donor we use minimum 8 healthy eggs for each patient.  We have recently surpassed 80% success rate for egg donation treatment. Therefore, it is very likely that egg donation patients will become pregnant from the first trial.

North Cyprus has laws which allow sex selection for non medical reasons. Can you explain a little more about how this works and what happens when patients come seeking this procedure?

Yes, indeed, Cyprus legislation system makes the sunny island more attractive for gender selection purposes. We are performing the sex selection with the help of genetic testing. The results of the genetic test are 99, 99 % accurate. We are using the most innovative and secured Lab technologies for that procedure.  First of all people who are seeking gender selection need to perform some scans and tests in order for us to assess their fertility situation and chances. After fertility evaluation we suggest the best medical protocol for maximizing their success for desired gender. In some cases even in spite of the lower chances people still choose to proceed with sex selection. During the medical protocol they go through hormone stimulation in order to produce as many eggs as possible. Finally, the more eggs will be produced the more chance the patient has to choose the desired gender.

What in your opinion has had the greatest impact on success rates in recent years?

In my opinion, the development of IVF technologies which lead to the increase of medical tourism has had the greatest impact on success rates. At the same time we should not forget about the importance of the Clinic experience in the IVF field, which is increasing with every year and helps to avoid the mistakes that have been done in the past. In addition I would like to add that the competition in the IVF sector in Cyprus gives us a huge incentive to be better and achieve higher success rates.

How do you and your staff keep up to date with new developments in the field of assisted reproduction?

Our clinic is paying a lot of attention for being up to date in the fast developing field of assisted reproduction. We try to develop ourselves by attending different conferences and most recent events in the IVF field. Our employees are constantly improving their knowledge by attending different trainings performed by the most experienced IVF experts.

Cyprus is a beautiful country, from a tourist point of view, where should patients visit if they come to Cyprus for treatment?

From my point of view there are lots of places in Cyprus worth visiting. I would definitely recommend to visit  Kyrenia castle which is also the home for a Shipwreck Museum; St. Hilarion Castle, which is believed to be the inspiration for Walt Disney’s Snow White’s Castle; Buffavento Castle which is also the highest at 1300ft; The Kyrenia Gate which is situated in Nicosia and of course Karpaz where you can enjoy the sandy golden beaches and also visit Apostolos Andreas Monastery.

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