Interview with General Manager of Nova Vita


karin rosenstein nova vita

To provide you more information about IVF treatment in Estonia, we are pleased to present an interview with the General Manager of Nova Vita fertility clinic, Karin Rosenstein, Ph.D.

Estonia is a new destination for many people considering IVF abroad. Why should they consider Estonia?

One of the reasons considering Nova Vita for IVF treatments is a well-balanced price and quality of service. In addition, the legislation governing the IVF service is perhaps more patient-friendly in Estonia compared with some other countries. For example, we can treat unmarried couples and single women in Estonia and treatments with donated gametes are also possible. Egg and sperm donations are anonymous, a recipient may select donor sperm or donor egg on the basis of the donor’s characteristics, such as looks, personality, nationality, academic ability, race, color or the skin, marital status, and many other factors. Nova Vita provides also full donation in case there is a need for both donor eggs and donor sperm. In addition, we cooperate with other sperm banks such as European Sperm Bank and Cryos International where non-anonymous donor sperm can be ordered from. The upper age limit for women is 50 years and there is almost not long waiting list meaning that usually, we could start organizing the procedure quite fast.

How can you keep IVF costs lower compared to other clinics?

We are very client focused and do everything we can to operate as efficiently as possible. Our labor is equipped with state-of-the-art systems which cost us exactly the same as to any other. We can provide a lower price because the general costs of living in Estonia is lower from the EU average. That obviously means we make no compromises on the quality of our service.

What help do you provide for foreign patients who are nervous of going abroad?

All our current and future clients from abroad are very welcome at Nova Vita Clinic. Our aim is to provide personal and private care to all our patients irrespective of where they have come from. We typically appoint a patient coordinator and a doctor to take care of all procedures from the start of our services. The first appointment with a doctor can be made via a Skype consultation which has proved quite popular among our foreign customers. Also, it is common that basic analysis and some check-ups are done locally in patient´s home country and are accepted by our clinic. To support our patients, there is also a psychologist working at our clinic who can be of great help and assistance in case of such a delicate matter as IVF. Nova Vita Clinic is located in Tallinn, Estonia’s capital city. The clinic’s location is about 15 minutes away from the airport and a 10 drive from the central city. We have cooperation with hotels which offer discounted room rates to our customers and can help with the transfer if needed.

People worry about language barriers, especially somewhere unfamiliar. How can you reassure them that all nationalities can be catered for?

Our doctors and medical staff speak English, Russian, Finnish and of course Estonian. If there is a specific need we could also have a foreign interpreter to overcome language barriers.

The field of fertility is constantly changing with new developments and treatments. How do your clinic and staff keep on top of what is new and how do you decide to implement new treatments?

Our medical staff attends regularly different conferences and workshops and is always up to date with the latest achievements in IVF research. One of our favorite keywords is cooperation. In cooperation with other clinics and laboratories, we try to find the best solutions to our patients. For example, Nova Vita has close cooperation with our Finnish colleagues from Ovumia Fertinova clinics and we also collaborate with other genetic laboratories such as iGenomix and INVICTA.

Which treatments do you think have made the biggest impact on success rates in recent years?

We think that the biggest factor contributing to the success of the IVF treatments in our clinic is our medical doctor´s expertise and long-time working experience supported by state-of-the-art IVF laboratory. Our doctors are very experienced in the field and are highly qualified specialists in human reproduction. Nova Vita´s IVF laboratory is the only ISO15189 certified IVF laboratory in Estonia. Of course, there are many other small factors which ultimately may increase the odds of a successful IVF treatment. We like to think that babies are made with the help of love and science at Nova Vita. We all love our work and the team has good synergy.

What should you not miss if you visit Tallinn?

Tallinn is a compact city which has everything you need: a beautiful old town which is part of the UNESCO heritage and well known for its cobblestone roads. Nice seaside with good restaurants, beautiful parks, and many interesting museums. We see more and more that patients combine their IVF journey with vacation and if they come to Tallinn they are positively surprised by the culture and nature of Estonia.

If you wish to get in touch with the clinic directly, use the contact form in the Nova Vita clinic profile.