Interview With Medical Director of ReproGenesis Clinic

MUDr. Marcel Štelcl reprogenesis

Dr Stelcl of ReproGenesis

We are pleased to chat to Dr Stelcl of Reprogenesis fertility clinic in the Czech Republic.

Can you tell us, in your opinion, what makes ReproGenesis different to other IVF clinics in the Czech Republic?

It’s been lately such an unfortunate trend to broadcast loudly that everyone is somehow different and the best. We would like to spread around, we are  on the same level as other leading world IVF centres  and our goal is to continue to maintain this standard as well as related high results.

Last year, more people than ever were travelling to the Czech Republic for IVF treatment, why do you think that is?

Mainly for three reasons. One reason is a factor of some legislative benevolence, which allows the donor program in Czech Republic. Second reason is to be able to provide with much lower prices than in other countries.  And third reason is extremely high standard of IVF centres in the Czech Republic. This standard is becoming a world known fact.

Tell us more about the donor egg treatment program you run. How do you find and select donors, and are there any guarantees in place?

Above all, we raise general awareness about the donor program throughout the media. We focus on students mainly. Our donors must meet very strict criteria, so we are able to ensure their suitability for donation.

Do you keep in touch with patients once they have finished treatment? Is there any follow up?

Ongoing contact with our patients is obvious for us, we are fully at their disposal during pregnancy and we are always happy to know about their new born ReproGenesis babies.

It can be quite stressful to travel to a foreign country for treatment, what kind of support is in place to help patients at ReproGenesis?

For IVF patients the process is huge stress itself. Therefore, our clients are supported by our coordinators. Team of coordinators are fluent in several languages including English, German, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech and Slovak and they are ready to help clients with all possible problems related to their treatment abroad.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement to date?

My greatest achievement is that my patients trust me. What else could you wish for as a doctor!

Dr. Stelcl is a recognized expert of gynecology and reproductive medicine, dedicated to this field for 14 years.