Interview with head of egg donation program at Reprofit International

Dr. Štěpán Machač

Dr. Stepán Machac of Reprofit International discusses egg donation and treatment in the Czech Republic.

Dr. Stepán Machac thank you for your time. Lots of people from the UK and Ireland consider the Czech Republic for IVF treatment. Why do you think the Czech Republic is so popular?

I think, that it is: affordable prices, high quality treatment, perfect service, short waiting time.

There is a large choice of IVF clinics in the Czech Republic, in your opinion, how should people choose one clinic over another? 

They should choose depend on:
reference, success rate, prices, personal approach, number of foreign patients treated annually.

Reprofit International is a popular choice for egg donation treatment. Can you tell me a little about the egg donation program? Where do you get your donors from? How long does a couple have to be in Brno etc?

Our clinic has a very sophisticated donor´s  system. We have in our register more than 1500 donors ready to donate. Most of our donors are students, and the mothers on maternity leave. We do a lot of advertisements to get them. Our price is 4700 Euro for whole treatment, except the medication. The treatment takes about 1 week of staying in Brno.

In your opinion, which particular aspect of the treatment is important for success? 

In  my opinion it is preparation of a patient for treatment and selection of young healthy good responding egg donor

In the future, which IVF  techniques do you think will offer best hope for infertile couples? Do you think embryo monitoring is a breakthrough?

I think that genetic testing by cGH and transferring of single embryos in a natural cycle is a future. Embryo monitoring is just a small part of embryo selection process

Finally, where is one place in Brno that you would recommend that people should see before they leave?

It is the heart of Brno – Freedom Square

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