Unique Interview with Gyncentrum IVF Clinic in Poland

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interview with gyncentrum

Dr Mercik

We are very excited to speak with Dr Mercik from Gyncentrum IVF clinic in Poland.

Your clinic performs more IVF cycles than donor egg cycles. Do you find that IVF using own eggs is mainly why people travel abroad or is it usually for donor egg treatment?

Most of our foreign patients travel abroad to undergo IVF with donor eggs. This is due to high success rates. Also, there is no waiting time in the Donor Egg IVF Programme. Duration of proceedings related to the IVF with donor eggs is limited only by the length of the medical procedures which are necessary to perform during the proper medical conduct. To ensure the highest standards of medical and laboratory practice we follow recommendations of Assisted Reproductive Treatment organisations and work according to standards implemented by ASRM and ESHRE. At Gyncentrum we abide by rigorous medical and legal regulations and observe strict internal protocols which allow us to guarantee safety and the highest standard of care to our patients at every stage of the treatment process.

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Can you tell us why patients should consider your clinic if they are want to undergo fertility treatment abroad?

Poland is attractive to foreigners not just because of the price factor, but more importantly because of an excellent level of care and advanced technological progression when it comes to private medical care. Patients who choose Gyncentrum benefit from both, firstly – an attractive price which corresponds to only a half of a cost they would pay in their country of origin, secondly – the extensive expertise of experienced doctors and other medical personnel along with technologically advanced equipment and technics. When a patient visits Gyncentrum, they can be assured that each of quality professionals will work as a team to deliver complete treatment and positive results for the patient.

What does Gyncentrum centre offer patients who come from overseas? Do you have people who can help with coordinating everything?

Yes. International patients who visit Poland from abroad are well taken care of through the process. From pre-treatment planning and preparation to arrival at the facility, treatment and departure, step by-step information is provided and assigned coordinator remains available to patients at all times to ensure that the stay in Poland is unforgettable and as stress-free as possible.

Language issues are considered as one of the primary reasons people choose not to go abroad for IVF. How can you reassure people that this is not a problem if they come to Gyncentrum?

We know that infertility treatment is a difficult journey, so we make sure to make it as easy as possible for the patients. Our team speaks English, Russian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Serbian and Czech. We make sure to explain everything to the patients step-by-step. During the entire treatment the patients remain under the care of assigned coordinator who is available at all times to ensure the smooth progression of the whole process.

Your profile mentions that you have “music in the incubator”- is this believed to help success rates?

Yes! Gyncentrum decided to introduce this innovative method supporting IVF process. In our laboratory the special speakers placed in the incubators play different musical styles – classic, pop, and rock. Microsounds produce vibrations similar to natural conditions found in woman’s body: music together with optimized temperature, atmosphere and low level of oxygen create conditions in which mature oocyte travels through the fallopian tubes toward the uterus, enhance fertilization process and proper development of the embryos. The research conducted and published in July 2013 by a team of scientist’s shows that chances for oocyte to be fertilized increase when the process is combined with vibrations caused by music. A rise of 4.8% can be noticed.

How do you and your staff keep up to date with new developments in IVF treatment? Do you do any research or attend International Conferences? Training?

Yes. The quality of a medical professional is dictated not only by career longevity but also by that professional’s acknowledgement by their peers as shown by certification, awards, commencements and consistent international collaboration. We continuously strive to maintain up-to-date techniques and the latest innovations by continuing our medical education. We are attending an annual ESHRE meeting, among other international conferences.

Do overseas patients get tests and investigations done at home before they come to you or do you recommend everything is done at your clinic?

We offer a whole range of tests and investigations that can be run at our clinic and that are helpful with conducting a successful treatment. We own a few laboratories: cytogenetic, genetic, immunological, biochemical, andrological and embryological. To minimalise the patients’ stay in Poland (which is important to the patients because of personal and professional commitments) they usually get the basic investigations in their home countries first, which we always consult before their arrival. If it’s not possible for the patient, all investigation can of course be done at our clinic.

Do you follow up with your patients once they arrive back home?

Yes, our contact with the patients does not finish the moment they leave our clinic. We always follow up with them. We love to hear back from our patients and we are at their disposal at all times. Regardless the result of the treatment the patients can count on us with any questions they may have. Our favourite moment is when we receive the pictures of the children from the happy parents!

Finally, what should visitors to Katowice not miss seeing between clinic visits? Can you recommend particular museums or sights?

The atmosphere of Katowice is heightened by a combination of its secessionist architecture from the 1900’s, and its modern architecture. Popular attractions in Katowice are the Silesian Philharmonic, the Silesian museum, and the famous modern concert hall, the “Spodek”- from the outside; it resembles a flying saucer or a UFO spaceship. Also, the one hundred years old workmen’s housing estates Nikiszowiec and Giszowiec are unique architectural examples. Despite their primal character, they can make you feel the atmosphere of the early 19th century and move to the time of early – industrial development of Katowice. The fans of nature will also not be disappointed, as Katowice has quite many charming parks. Last, but not least- Katowice is full of restaurants (both Polish and international) so you will definitely not be disappointed.

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MD PhD Dariusz Mercik has over 20 years of experience in the field of gynecology and women’s diseases and endocrinology. Particularly appreciated for his work on difficult cases. In his work he appreciates precision and innovation. He’s the President of the Gyncentrum Foundation that is focusing on research in the diagnosis and infertility treatment.