Embryologists Role in IVF Clinics

embryologist roleI read an interesting article in ESHRE’s “Focus on Reproduction” journal recently which discussed the role that clinicians and embryologists play in the IVF clinic. The article was about who holds the balance of power in the clinic. Most clinics are owned by clinicians with few exceptions.

The article discusses the fact that progress in the field of ART has mostly come from developments in embryology. For example, ICSI, PICSI and IMSI for male factor infertility; the development of better freezing technologies (vitrification) for eggs and embryos; culture solutions which support embryos until blastocyst; embryo monitoring systems and of course enhanced gene analysis of embryos. Clinicians, of course, have also brought about enhancements in ART (ovarian tissue transplantation) but perhaps not as dramatic as that seen from the laboratory.

As a former IVF embryologist, I know how skilled and expert you have to be to work in this field, however, I believe that a happy, successful clinic will be built from the respect of all roles within the clinic as each has a significant part to play in achieving its aims.