Communication is Key for IVF Clinics Abroad

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Communication IVF clinics abroadChoosing to go overseas for IVF treatment is a big deal. Ensuring that you have the best information available on your choice of country and clinic is the start of your IVF journey. You can do lots of research to find out whether, for example, the country permits the treatment you want, whether you are eligible due to age or relationship status etc.

You can also find out loads of information about IVF clinics online either from websites like this one or through reading reviews on forums. But after you have done all this research, the next step is to actually communicate with your preferred clinics.  And communication is the key between you choosing one clinic over another.

Ideally the steps to choose a clinic may run like this:

  • You research online about IVF clinics and read about other’s experiences
  • You contact your preferred clinics by email or phone
  • You receive information back from ALL of them detailing costs, waiting times, options etc.
  • Based on the information received, you set up a phone call or Skype consultation with 1 or 2 to discuss your treatment further
  • You make a decision to undergo treatment with one clinic
  • You visit the clinic for the first consultation

Following on from here, frequent and responsive communication between yourself and the clinic will ensure that you are fully informed of all decisions being taken. This is especially so with regard to egg donation where you will have questions regarding the process and also the eventual egg donor chosen for you. Sometimes, finding a suitable donor may take a few weeks and it can be during this time that you may feel anxious. If communication is not forthcoming, you may feel forgotten and worry that nothing is being done. An email from your clinic updating you on progress can put your mind at ease, but this doesn’t always happen.

Speaking to a doctor is not always possible, so IVF clinics abroad usually employ staff who to be the main point of contact between you and the clinic.  These IVF coordinators are usually fluent in many languages and are trained to provide all the information you require.  They will be mainly who you will communicate with. Often patients build a good rapport with them and know that they are on hand for support.

With today’s technology available to us, communication is easier and cheaper than ever before, and this should in theory make your IVF journey both less stressful and less expensive.

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