COVID-19 information for patients travelling to UNICA Clinic

Fertility patients who are considering or planning IVF abroad, in the Czech Republic, might be wondering what the situation regarding COVID-19 is like in that country. Is it safe to have IVF in Prague now? How is UNICA clinic handling this difficult situation? What can I expect as a patient if I decide to travel there?

“First of all, we want to stress that the situation in Prague concerning IVF operations has been stable ever since April with no impact on the treatment of our patients.

In any case, we follow our government restrictions and recommendations against COVID-19 such as wearing face masks, enhanced sanitization and spacing out appointments to reduce the number of patients in the clinic at one time. But we also support our patients in many other ways, for example, couples may choose to do their first consultation online via video call to avoid traveling. On top of that, our patients can also take a PCR test at our clinic. Patients currently traveling to Prague can enjoy a quiet city with nowhere near the usual number of tourists resulting in a wonderful and peaceful experience which is the key to the success of treatment.” – says Klara Havelkova, Coordinator at UNICA Clinic. 

Unica IVF Prague waiting room

If you have any questions regarding the current situation or traveling, please contact the clinic via their clinic profile. The aim of UNICA clinic is always to help and support you throughout the whole journey in fulfilling your dream of having a baby in a safe and comfortable environment.

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