Cutting-edge Reproductive Medicine at Instituto Bernabeu Palma de Mallorca

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Instituto Bernabeu in Mallorca

Find the best results for your fertility treatment and cutting-edge reproductive medicine at Instituto Bernabeu Palma de Mallorca, in Spain.

The clinic, specialised in difficult cases and personalized treatments, is located in a 600 meters area right in the heart of Palma and is a European reference for low reserve and implantation failure.

“After several unsuccessful treatments in Germany, when we were about to throw in the towel, some friends told us about Instituto Bernabeu Palma”, says Anna, who has undergone several unsuccessful in vitro fertilisation treatments in her country to become a mother. Now she is in the final stretch of a pregnancy that she describes as a “small miracle”. Following the recommendation of her friends, she travelled to Instituto Bernabeu Mallorca accompanied by her partner Anton. “It’s the best decision of our lives”, she admits, caressing her belly.

“We found it very easy to carry out our treatment, with great professionalism from our gynaecologist, nurses and our personal assistant, and we felt at home thanks to the great treatment received”, explains Anna. And she stresses that she sighed with relief because “they were able to detect the reason for my recurrent miscarriages after each treatment. They performed tests, including very advanced genetic tests, and gave me a precise diagnosis of my case. I am grateful because, from the beginning, they didn’t hide from us that it was going to be difficult to get pregnant, but it was not impossible.

Operating theatre at Instituto Bernabeu

State-of-the-art facilities and equipment

Instituto Bernabeu Palma stands out for its outstanding facilities and the high level of its medical and healthcare team. The medical centre offers a very welcoming atmosphere that favours the patients’ intimacy. A great advantage is that the clinic allows the follow-up of each treatment by combining face-to-face visits in Mallorca with tests carried out in the patient’s country of origin, if they so wish. This avoids unnecessary travel and the resulting inconvenience. The state-of-the-art clinical centre takes up more than 600 square metres with its own consulting rooms and laboratories, which contribute to providing personalised solutions and speeding up treatment times.

The team of professionals at Instituto Bernabeu is made up of gynaecologists specialising in reproductive medicine, expert embryologists, geneticists and molecular biologists, nursing staff, as well as specialist laboratory technicians, assistants and personalised care staff who accompany each patient every step of the way. Language is not a barrier, as doctors and staff speak English and German, among others, as well as Italian and French.

If there is one thing that characterises Instituto Bernabeu Mallorca, this is the exclusive attention to each patient and the attention to detail. Identical to the rest of the other 8 clinics of the IB Group with which it shares methodology and experience. The commitment to every patient, working to provide specific solutions to each clinical case, is another of the most valued aspects.

A 100% doctor-led clinic, where patients come first

Instituto Bernabeu was founded by doctors over 35 years ago and since then the direction, management and decision-making of the clinic has been developed following medical criteria set out by the doctors who oversee the clinic. Unlike other clinics, which have based their model on shareholder and investor decisions, no medical outsiders have ever been accepted as part of the management board, let alone investors or venture capitalists. This allows us to be free: Patients have the absolute guarantee that the decisions, treatments and medical advice they may receive will be not based on financial gain.

Reception at Instituto Bernabeu

European reference in low reserve, implantation failure and genetic test

“Coming to Mallorca for our reproductive treatment were all advantages for us, and we highlight the great professionalism and specialisation,” says Anna. The clinic is characterised by its highly qualified team, which is able to respond to the most complicated cases. It has high pregnancy rates and always provides personalised solutions for each case.  Instituto Bernabeu is a European benchmark in the treatment of low ovarian reserve and embryo implantation failure. It has specialised treatment units that are backed by ongoing research studies allowing to apply advances as they prove effective.

Molecular genetics is another of the Instituto Bernabeu Group’s most outstanding specialities. Its team is pioneers in the detection of hereditary diseases and specialists in genetic and pre-implantation diagnosis of the embryo (PGT) and has laboratories equipped with the best technology.

Excellent environment and unbeatable flight connections

Palma de Mallorca’s excellent flight connections are an advantage for those who decide to start treatment. The airport is the third largest in Spain and has direct connections to the main capitals of the world. This facilitates the arrival of patients of all nationalities and especially German patients, who choose Instituto Bernabeu Mallorca for their reproductive care. At the same time, getting to the clinic is very easy because the location is unbeatable, right in the centre of the city, in the commercial area of the city.

Palma de Mallorca is, without a doubt, a unique destination in the Mediterranean Sea, characterised by its unique natural beauty, its paradisiacal beaches, its cultural wealth and its fantastic climate.