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Instituto Bernabeu in Cartagena

Instituto Bernabeu clinic in Cartagena renovates its laboratories and inaugurates advanced technology.

Infertility is an issue for approximately 48 million couples and 186 million individuals in the world (according to WHO). Some of the possible causes of infertility are advanced age, environmental factors (stress, bad diet, weight issues, etc.) but also, hormonal, genetic and other diseases. While fertility specialists can offer patients fairly straightforward treatments like IUI or IVF, some more complex fertility issues can be harder to address. Fertility centres are, therefore, consequently under ever-increasing pressure to advance their techniques, develop their IVF laboratories, do research and offer more advanced genetic testing and treatment procedures.

Nowadays, Cartagena residents can undergo any type of assisted reproduction treatment without leaving their hometown. The clinic has just incorporated the latest technology into its IVF laboratory, such as modern embryo incubators and the latest laser blastocyst biopsy equipment for PGD.

Instituto Bernabeu is an international reference in reproductive medicine. With 7 national clinics in Alicante, Madrid, Mallorca, Albacete, Cartagena, Elche, Benidorm and an international clinic in Venice, it has been specializing in offering personalized solutions tailored to each patient for 35 years. People from more than 137 countries trust the clinic to solve their reproductive problems. And this commitment means being at the forefront of providing answers to infertility.

Since 2003, this Cartagena clinic has been a pioneer in the use of the latest technology. It was established as the third of the eight clinics the Instituto Bernabeu Group currently has now. True to its commitment to offer the most cutting-edge reproductive medicine, in January 2022 the facilities have been renovated with the incorporation of the latest technology and new laboratories continue to offer excellent care including all treatments and necessary tests without leaving the city.

New IVF Lab

Instituto Bernabeu Cartagena has a new in vitro fertilisation laboratory incorporating the latest technology to perform any of the assisted reproduction treatments the patient may need to achieve pregnancy: from artificial insemination, to classic IVF, IVF/ICSI or IVF ROPA. Embryo-adoption, egg and sperm donation or the most cutting-edge technology to perform PGD (Preimplantational Genetic Diagnosis) on the embryo. These modern technological incorporations, together with its experienced team, guarantee the best gestational success rates in both fresh and frozen embryos.

Own gamete bank

Furthermore, having their own gamete (egg and sperm) bank allows you to help create new family models: single motherhood by personal choice and lesbian, bisexual and transgender motherhood.

New hirings

This renewal of equipment has also meant the incorporation of newly qualified staff at the Instituto Bernabeu Cartagena clinic.

Instituto Bernabeu

Latest generation incubators

Among the main technological innovations are also the new Geri® time-lapse incubators. This is the most advanced technology for personalised monitoring of the embryo, monitored through electronic devices thanks to which embryo development can be followed from a computer, mobile phone or tablet without the need to remove the embryo from the environment to check its correct development. It is a technology that has proven to obtain better results in pregnancy and more efficiency when it comes to the complete development of the embryo. Instituto Bernabeu in Cartagena uses the latest version of the Geri® incubator to ensure their patients have the best results in their IVF treatment.

More powerful microscopes

To perform the ICSI technique of intracytoplasmic injection of the selected spermatozoa into the egg, the clinic has incorporated one of the most powerful microscopes, adapted to a state-of-the-art micromanipulation system to perform ICSI and embryo biopsies. This equipment is connected to laser equipment of maximum precision.

Dr Jorge Ten, Instituto Bernabeu’s director of the Embryology Unit, states this is another step forward in Instituto Bernabeu’s line of providing the highest quality standards:

“We have renewed the equipment at Instituto Bernabeu Cartagena, incorporating the latest technology. We have one of the best microscopes and micromanipulation systems, as well as the best time-lapse incubators. We have an equipment monitoring system with remote controls that sends alerts to our mobile phone. Having these parameters under control allows us to have the best equipment in the Region of Murcia”.

R+D+I projects and specific treatment units without leaving Cartagena

Instituto Bernabeu Cartagena is the only clinic in Cartagena that offers all assisted reproduction services within its facilities. It has its own operating theatre and an expert anaesthesia team, three rooms for individual patient use, an embryology laboratory and an independent clinical analysis laboratory, sample taking and extraction rooms, a sterilization and laundry room. It has separate waiting rooms, medical and administration offices to offer elite reproductive medicine in a bright environment with carefully designed architecture.

The facilities not only provide care, but are also committed to research. During recent years, different projects have been developed within the line of R+D+I developed by Instituto Bernabeu which have been published in the main scientific journals of the specialty or presented at international congresses.

IB Cartagena, like any other Instituto Bernabeu clinic, has the most advanced units for the treatment of infertility such as implantation failure and repeated miscarriage, low ovarian reserve, endometriosis, obesity, and infertility, among others. This way, the patients can benefit from the high-quality diagnostics and treatments at any clinic of the Bernabeu group.