Best IVF Clinics of 2020 | IVF AWARD 2020

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The Best IVF Clinics of 2020

The best IVF clinics of 2020 were revealed during the IVF AWARD Online Gala Ceremony that was held on Nov 4, 2020. The jury consisting of 16 jurors have chosen five IVF AWARD 2020 winners and three highly commended clinics. We proudly present the results as well as some comments from our Jury Panel.

Transparency and Collection of Treatment Outcomes:

The project involved all staff at the clinic and was planned and implemented in realistic stages – very very thorough explanation of project roll out.

This answer was more detailed and pointed to the use of a comprehensive Customer relationship management platform which seems very well thought out and planned.


Outstanding Patient Experience during the Treatment:

  • IVF AWARD 2020 winner – UNICA, the Czech Republic

Unica’s approach is uniquely “east meets west” – combining to create a holistic approach. Many people on an IVF journey seek out the support in psychology, nutrition and yoga but through Unica – they are providing this all in-house as a core part of their service. I also particularly liked their response to COVID-19 and taking these resources online, including online yoga videos, doctor Q&As and the Ambassador program which is in itself an excellent concept.


Best Customer Care & Support:

The clinic has evolved to manage the uncertainty of the pandemic. Their website answers all FAQs and gives a sense of security. I like the inclusion of an ethics committee and the fact that their empathy and warmth extends beyond the positive result where families return with their babies and know their staff by name and are not simply a number.

The clinic addressed some of the main issues patients experience when travelling abroad for treatments – fear, communication issues, high financial expense, and travel challenges.


Best IVF Clinic Website:

Functionality was very good – very transparent prices were easily found, able to accept payments and good educational content. Superb!

Realistic images, sets out the clinic’s vision perfectly, provides a good patient experience.


Best Fertility Blog:

  • IVF AWARD 2020 winner – UNICA, the Czech Republic

UNICA clinic has a very good internet presentation with a potential to grow to become one of the best ones in the field. Great work!


Watch the IVF AWARD Online Gala Ceremony that was held on Nov 4, 2020.